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Kris Jenner reveals Jennifer Lawrence got naked in closet

The?matriarch, 62, reminisced with Steve Harvey about the time the Academy Award-winning actress, 27, wound up naked in her home during a wild dinner date.











We all like a few hieroglyphics with our hokum, but this is too much, an absolute barrage of digitally enhanced silliness that not even Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe can save.

Every time the movie has the wind in its sails, up lurches Captain Jack with another unfunny wisecrack or pratfall, reminding you the charm Depp once had has gone.

Norman, with its unwieldy sub-title The Moderate Rise And Tragic Fall Of A New York Fixer, is a quietly compelling gem of a movie.

The U.S. reviews of this film have been distinctly mediocre, but I loved it, maybe because I'm a sucker for a really good screen misanthrope. And Woody Harrelson's Wilson is right up there.

French director Francois Ozon has created a lovely-looking, nicely acted, but ultimately rather soppy romantic melodrama, writes BRIAN VINER.

Their Finest has also sprung from a book, in this case a novel by Lissa Evans about the making of a propaganda film thinly disguised as a drama, at the height of the Blitz.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Chris Evans is looking tough-guy fit: honed and toned with biceps bulging. He's Captain America on screen the last dude you'd expect to get misty eyed over his leading lady.

ADRIAN THRILLS: Witness keeps abreast of current trends, but the songs are generally slower and more introspective than before, with fewer high-octane dance numbers.

When Missouri's Sheryl Crow secured her big break with All I Wanna Do, she glorified a carefree lifestyle in which drinking beer at noon was the norm. The single was a breezy celebration.

Hugh Laurie shattered the mould with his spine-tingling menace as the billionaire arms dealer Richard Roper in BBC's The Night Manager (pictured). But could he have played the hero?

Harry Styles (pictured) has bided his time since the world's most successful pop act began a hiatus a year ago, but this debut offering suggests his career is now heading in a very different direction.

Film-maker and actor Idris Elba goes behind the camera on Monday to direct his first feature movie. Yardie is about a Jamaican gangsta out to crack the cocaine market in North London.


Do you think the unflattering bikini pictures of Kim Kardashian were Photoshopped?

Do you think the unflattering bikini pictures of Kim Kardashian were Photoshopped?

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