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The former Apprentice star revealed she had welcomed a baby girl named Clementine with her husband Andrew Collins via a sweet social media snap on Thursday morning.

The actor, 50, cut a very unkempt figure with scruffy hair and an overgrown beard as he posed at the press night - proving to have fully committed to his Ebenezer Scrooge role, ahead of the theatre run.

David Beckham was showing his appreciation for the TV chef, 82, when he took to his Instagram stories to praise her latest programme.

She became a qualified yoga instructor earlier this year.?And Casey proved she wasn't going to let her burgeoning baby bump slow her down as she performed the box splits for an Instagram post.

MOBO Awards: Host Maja Jama leads the glamour

Maya Jama's big night was overshadowed somewhat, when she arrived at the annual urban event in the same dress as guest Sarah-Jane Crawford.











Director Michael Grandage said many folks never had a chance to catch it in London eight years ago when, starring Molina and Eddie Redmayne, it had a limited run at the Donmar.

The first - and last - time Turner appeared on the London stage was as a British soldier in the Abbey Theatre's production of The Plough And The Stars at the Barbican, back in 2005.

Tina agreed to the casting of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith to play singer and music arranger Ike Turner, who controlled Tina physically, mentally and legally for over two decades, in the musical TINA.

George Clooney's black comedy Suburbicon has received some bafflingly negative reviews, writes BRIAN VINER.

Kenny tells the life story of Kenny Dalglish, the Glaswegian who became synonymous with Liverpool and was present at three of British football's worst calamities: Ibrox, Heysel and Hillsborough.

Here's a film that isn't just unsettling to watch, but was deeply upsetting to act in, writes BRIAN VINER.

In September 1973, King, then aged 29, took part in a widely publicised exhibition match against 55-year-old Bobby Riggs, himself a former Wimbledon champion.

Audiences flocked to see it. But Justice League, the fifth film in the DC series, makes it worth flocking in the opposite direction. Sadly, the universe might not be extended enough to avoid it.

The strangely-titled 78/52 analyses the making of Alfred Hitchcock's great film Psycho, released in 1960, and in particular the famously alarming shower scene, writes BRIAN VINER.

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