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Arsenal FC team and transfer news

Which Premier League side has the toughest December? Festive fixtures pile up while some sides have to travel long distances over short spells?

30/11/17 15:19

How do you beat Manchester City? Shut up shop, test Vincent Kompany and get in behind the full backs... but Jose Mourinho will have to go on the attack against them - TACKLE KEOWN

30/11/17 15:09

Sportsmail columnist Martin Keown is back to answer more of your questions ahead of the next round of Premier League action, and has views on all the latest action in the top-flight.

Tottenham should show key man Toby Alderweireld the money, and Granit Xhaka CAN be composed on the ball for Arsenal - 10 THINGS WE LEARNED

30/11/17 14:44

Sportsmail's RALPH ELLIS takes a look at what we can take away from the top flight action during this midweek, as well as delivering a few pointers and what went on the Football League.

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud admits lack of Premier League?opportunities has been frustrating as he insists he is ready to step up in the place of injured Alexandre Lacazette

30/11/17 14:42

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has admitted that he has found life tough outside manager Arsene Wenger's Premier League starting XI this season having yet to start a game in the top flight so far.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger in no mood to discuss bitter rivalry with Jose Mourinho ahead of Manchester United clash: 'I just want to focus'

30/11/17 12:11

Arsene Wenger may have finally banished his hoodoo against Jose Mourinho but was in no mood to engage in verbal sparring with his old enemy as they prepare to meet again.

MARTIN SAMUEL: I could curse when people use the C-word about Tottenham at Wembley - stadiums don't lose matches... plus England cricketers need to know their boundaries and use their nut (but not like that, Jonny)

30/11/17 11:55

5 POINTS: Arsenal missed a trick by missing the flicks - you had plenty to say on the Gunners squad snubbing the 89 film, while Spurs at Wembley and Jonny Bairstow also sparked a lively debate.


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