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'Don't focus on me, focus on the Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the UK': Trump lashes out at British PM after she criticized him for retweeting far-Right videos - but he manages to tweet at the WRONG Theresa May

30/11/17 03:33

30/11/17 02:02

Thousands of Twitter users took a trip down memory lane this week, trading stories about their favorite things from decades past that are no longer around today.

30/11/17 01:49

The rescue kitten, who lives with her 31-year-old owner Matt Taghioff in Beckenham, South East London, has more than 30,000 Twitter followers who enjoy her startled look.

30/11/17 01:03

Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono announced that Pokemon’s Pikachu and the famed cartoon cat Hello Kitty would be appointed ambassadors to promote the city of Osaka.

30/11/17 00:56

A video retweeted by Donald Trump of a Muslim migrant beating up a boy on crutches was today dismissed as fake news by police in the Netherlands who say he is Dutch

30/11/17 00:03

MPs insisted Mr Trump was 'not welcome here' in the wake of the Twitter posts, while the widow of murdered politician Jo Cox accused him of 'spreading hatred'. No 10 said Mr Trump's invite still stands.

29/11/17 23:54

'I just have no impulse control,' the actor, 31, told The Wrap on Tuesday. 'So if somebody says something stupid, I couldn’t help but say something back and then it just exploded.'

29/11/17 23:45

The model, 31, asked for a big favor from her Twitter followers on Wednesday morning following a flight into Washington D.C, which saw her accidentally leave behind a rather essential item.

29/11/17 22:54

The president took a rhetorical shot at the North Korean dictator on Wednesday, calling him 'a sick puppy' for blasting an intercontinental ballistic missile in Japan's direction.

29/11/17 22:29

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shrugged off suggestions that anti-Muslim videos President Trump spread online Wednesday morning might be fake?– because the 'threat' is real.

29/11/17 22:12

She sparked concerns this week, after displaying her very slender frame at the ARIAs followed by the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in Sydney.

29/11/17 21:57

Brutally honest parents from all over the world take to twitter users reveal the names that their little angles would have if they had been named after how they were conceived.

29/11/17 20:22

President Donald Trump hailed 'Today' show host Matt Lauer's firing by going after MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and dredging up a conspiracy theory about the death of a former Scarborough aide.

29/11/17 19:16

From grandmothers trying desperately to track down their grandchildren on Twitter to older people using Dollar General in an attempt to find love - these are the US pensioners struggling online.

29/11/17 18:36

Jayda Fransen, whose Twitter feed is littered with videos and pictures condemning Islam, is sitting on a charge of using threatening and abusive language at a rally in Belfast.

29/11/17 18:33

It features 12 images of the 45-year-old father-of-three, including a shirtless snap and one with a puppy. Several Twitter users are swooning over the calendar.

29/11/17 18:23

Washington State University student Danni Messina took to social media this week with a charitable idea in mind.

29/11/17 17:51

President Donald Trump today publicly endorsed disgusting, far-right Islamophobia and racism. There is simply no other conclusion to be drawn from his decision to retweet three posts.

29/11/17 17:04

The Chinese model, 25, suffered an embarrassing fall as she walked the runway in Shanghai and the incident was left in, and not edited out, of the telecast that aired Tuesday night on CBS.

29/11/17 14:19

Everything the 36-year-old pop superstar usually touches turns to gold but fans have taken exception to her latest range of festive jumpers - because they're decidedly unfestive.

29/11/17 13:32

The former White House intern whose affair with then-President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment has a message for the world – don’t call it the ‘Monica Lewinsky scandal.’

29/11/17 10:04

They performed topless at last year's ARIAs but The Veronicas were visibly absent from this year's awards on Tuesday, after complaining 'On Your Side' was snubbed for Best Video.

29/11/17 08:53

The two global singing superstars, in their 20s, are believed to be single. And when former One Direction hunk Harry Styles kissed Kiwi songstress during the ARIA Awards in Sydney on Tuesday, fans took note.

29/11/17 05:13

Eric Trump attempted to defend his father on Twitter for calling a fellow politician 'Pocahontas' during an event honoring Navajo war veterans and the Internet eviscerated him.

29/11/17 01:40

Nearly half of children aged 11 and 12 have accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, according to communications watchdog Ofcom.

29/11/17 00:45

John McCain spoke out against President Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas in front of a group of Navajo code talkers as condemnation mounted, including from Native Americans.

28/11/17 23:19

The chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, accused social media company Twitter of being politically biased on Tuesday as he defended his plan to roll back rules intended to ensure a free and open internet.

28/11/17 22:51

Melania Trump was said so have 'personally selected' most of the Christmas decor for this year's 'time honored traditions' theme.

28/11/17 21:47

After?Melania Trump?unveiled the White House's spectacular Christmas decorations Monday, some people were quick to point out one piece that could have been done away with.

28/11/17 21:31

The nominees for the 60th annual Grammy Awards were revealed on Tuesday on CBS This Morning by singer Andra Day, and elicited a quick, and big, reaction online.

28/11/17 21:05

A Chicago woman named Jenn was curious about just what was hiding in everyone's houses, and took to Twitter to ask others to share pictures of the baffling things in their families' homes.

28/11/17 18:42

In a tweet Tuesday, President Trump pushed back against a report that said the first lady never wanted the job and, more importantly, didn't think her husband would win.

28/11/17 18:19

However, viewers immediately took to Twitter to blast the TV presenter - and question why it was 'acceptable' for her to refer to Meghan's race at all.

28/11/17 17:40

Twitter user @_Emmiily, who appears to be from the US, received a text from her father telling her 'we need to talk' after finding something suspicious in her bedroom in a hilarious exchange.

28/11/17 17:36

A student who was kept awake at night by a dazzlingly bright beer advertisement board in Edinburgh received a hilarious apology - and a free crate of beer - from the advertiser.

28/11/17 15:57

To many social media has become an everyday tool people use to share - or exaggerate - the best aspects of their lives. But the internet is also prime territory to embarrass themselves.

28/11/17 14:56

Erik Pendlebury, 18, went outside one morning and spotted his dog joyfully jumping on his trampoline in his back garden. It is not clear where it was filmed.

28/11/17 14:00

The ARIA Awards proved to be a lacklustre affair for many fans, with disgruntled viewers taking to Twitter to slam the ceremony for being 'boring' and flooded with unknown artists.

28/11/17 13:36

The president resumed attacking the NFL, saying the league is 'weak and out of control' for allowing players to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem without any consequences.

28/11/17 13:16

Actor Armie Hammer quit Twitter after slamming BuzzFeed for an article it published about him claiming his career is owed to being a privileged white man.

28/11/17 11:05

The Obama family took a moment on Monday to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement while President Donald Trump hasn't said anything publicly to the couple.

28/11/17 09:46

The actor, who passed away in August 2014, had voiced the character of Genie in the much-loved animation and sharing a GIF of Genie playfully interacting with Aladdin, Zelda paid tribute to him.

28/11/17 08:49

Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton were among the celebrities sharing their excitement at the news of a Royal wedding, after Clarence House's official announcement.

28/11/17 01:24

An American college student has become an overnight sensation after he was mistaken for an AFL footy club's young star.

27/11/17 23:37

The reality star shared that she had begun binge-watching Netflix's hit supernatural series on Sunday - much to the delight of its young star who replied to the 37-year-old on Monday.

27/11/17 21:21

Venit was placed on a one-month unpaid suspension from William Morris Endeavor after Crews claimed that the high powered Hollywood agent had fondled his genitals in February 2016.

27/11/17 21:10

The couple, both 21, were spotted enjoying some retail therapy on Sunday in a sighting that's bound to add fuel to the fire of a romance between the two, who will reprise their roles in Spidey 2.

27/11/17 20:36

Crews (right) on Sunday published an email that he says Simmons (left) sent him on November 3, urging Crews to drop his groping allegations against Hollywood agent Adam Venit.

27/11/17 19:45

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to address the cringe-worthy moment, which resulted in the presenters giving the embarrassed caller £1,000 of her own as an apology.

27/11/17 18:56

President Trump quoted a tweet from Director of Social Media Dan Scavino on Monday morning that called the program's obviously pre-taped episode on Friday 'fake news.'

27/11/17 18:55

The British actor, 54, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca in the rebooted space adventure on CBS, revealed that the veteran 85-year-old had blocked him on social media on Sunday.

27/11/17 18:45

In the early hours of Friday morning, the McDonald's Twitter account posted a message reading ?'Black Friday **** Need copy and link****.'

27/11/17 18:31

Social media has been set alight by the news that the royal and the Suits actress are set to marry. Many expressed their delight, while some have admitted they are upset Harry is officially off the market.

27/11/17 18:28

Emma Dent Coad retweeted the message - which uses a quote by the author Roald Dahl to accuse the PM of being 'ugly' and Jeremy Corbyn of being 'lovely'.

27/11/17 18:12

With a real American princess in the pipeline, the Kardashians might finally fins themselves pushed off the front pages.

27/11/17 16:31

Former US Ryder Cup player Brad Faxon teamed up with Trump against Woods and top-ranked Dustin Johnson at the president's golf club in Jupiter, Florida on Friday for a friendly 18 holes.

27/11/17 16:05

Arlene Foster sent a tweet sending her best wishes to Prince William on popping the question to the US actress.

27/11/17 15:52

The news that Meredith would be purchasing Time Inc with the help of funds from the Koch brothers is not sitting well with one former editor of the magazine, with Richard Stengel weighing in.

27/11/17 15:32

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay have now hit back at the claims by posting a series of videos and tweets about their cosy night getting into the festive spirit.

27/11/17 13:36

Kim, 37, left fans scratching their heads after tweeting a picture of edible rose petals frozen inside a stack of ice cubes which she served at her baby shower earlier this month.

27/11/17 13:29

British food brand Holland's Pies has outraged a lot of Northerners after they made an advert celebrating their love for gravy, featuring some very weak gravy.

27/11/17 13:00

Sarah Huckabee Sanders joked how her life had turned into an episode of the West Wing, but actor Bradley Whitford replied: 'I know C.J. Gregg.?C.J. Gregg is a friend of mine. You're no?C.J. Gregg,'

27/11/17 11:46

Don Burke has been slammed on social media following his interview?with A Current Affair on Monday, with many labeling him a 'dirty old man'.

27/11/17 11:25

While the boxer has the meals specially prepared in accordance with his Muslim faith, he's learned that he's able to eat creepy crawlies in Bushtucker Trials, as it's not forbidden.

27/11/17 09:55

The Pussycat Dolls star, 39, suffered a rare fashion misstep in the LBD, which left baffled fans asking why she had 'pinned her dress to her head'.

27/11/17 09:33

As President Trump boarded Air Force One to head back to D.C. after spending his Thanksgiving holiday at the 'winter White House,' he sent out a quick tweet acknowledging a job well done.

27/11/17 09:00

Twitter user Dan, 19, from Edinburgh, ordered a pair of red flared trousers from online retailer Pretty Little Thing, but was shocked when she discovered that the trouser legs were way too young.

26/11/17 20:32

President Donald Trump wrote that CNN is doing a terrible job of representing the United States to the world - claiming that Fox News really has Americans' best interests at heart.

26/11/17 18:06

A video of unlucky ITV programme editor Mike Rigby (pictured) shows the exasperated journalist stuck inside a lift at the broadcaster's office in London with his colleagues in hysterics.

26/11/17 16:39

Mothers and fathers from around the world shared some of the funniest things their children have said and done - and the posts will strike a chord with families everywhere.

26/11/17 15:33

Conspiracy theorists had a field day with a photo of a perfect looking pie the White House Press Secretary says she baked, but looked like a stock image, she is now insisting she did indeed bake it.

26/11/17 14:25

Jamie Vardy has admitted he in fact voted for his wife Rebekah to face the eating trial on I'm A Celeb... - which saw her and Made In Chelsea's Toff having to force-feed one another fish eyes and bull's penises.

26/11/17 10:49

Tiffany Haddish and Barbra Streisand found themselves at the same dinner party this holiday weekend.

25/11/17 22:08

The US President took to Twitter late on Friday to claim that Time Magazine was planning on making him their Person of the Year again.

25/11/17 17:06

As if there wasn't enough 'fake news' out there, this one may just take the cake, welcome to Piegate. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a photo of a perfect looking pecan pie.

25/11/17 15:45

Ivanka Trump is condemning recent tabloid coverage of President Barack Obama's eldest daughter Malia, saying the college student deserves privacy and ought to be 'OFF limits.'

25/11/17 15:24

Former Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas has revealed his wife Gemma has died, just three days after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

25/11/17 13:20

After fans speculated on the 23-year-old's clear complexion, a source has revealed that the TV personality has been given permission to bring makeup to the jungle, due to skin condition.

25/11/17 11:02

Fans have been left convinced that Ant McPartlin and Joe Swash are embroiled in a secret feud after watching a frosty interaction on Thursday night's show.

25/11/17 09:34

President Donald Trump says he turned down an interview and photo shoot for Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' issue.



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