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The Elf on the Shelf craze wrecking Xmas: Kitty Dimbleby says the?phenomenon is 'spoiling kids'

30/11/17 02:46

30/11/17 02:24

Congressman Joe Barton is facing more scrutiny after a woman shared a series of sexually suggestive messages she received from the Texas lawmaker.

30/11/17 00:59

Facebook is giving disaster-relief organizations such as the Red Cross access to data on what users need and where they are as part of an expansion of tools for relief and charitable giving.

29/11/17 23:37

Facebook has faced pressure both in the United States and Europe to tackle extremist content and is now using artificial intelligence to tackle extremist content (stock image).

29/11/17 22:37

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, from Nemby, Paraguay, was 'punished' by Pedro Heriberto Galeano, 32, every time she got a positive reaction to one of her photos or posts on Facebook.

29/11/17 20:16

Carlton Edmondson, of Chicago, is facing a first-degree murder charge in the brutal slaying of Carl Edmondson, 61, who was found with his skull bashed in and his penis cut off in his basement.

29/11/17 19:16

From grandmothers trying desperately to track down their grandchildren on Twitter to older people using Dollar General in an attempt to find love - these are the US pensioners struggling online.

29/11/17 19:02

Joey Woo posted dashcam footage of the October incident to Willoughby City Council's page in a bid to get their attention.

29/11/17 16:15

According to a screenshot shared on social media the prompt asks user to 'upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face' under new security rules. It is unknown where the feature is being tested.

29/11/17 15:54

The two boys, one of whom is described as a school athlete, attacked the girl in a basement in Chicago on March 19. They will soon be released from Cook County Juvenile Center.

29/11/17 11:16

The wacky lots, advertised by entrepreneurial (or just plain mischievous) users around the globe, include everything from a half bottle of Diet Coke, to one man's 'loud, nagging girlfriend'.

29/11/17 10:38

Among the responses were comments urging the student to 'burn down the house when they are asleep' or to cause a 'carbon monoxide leak' - while other activists said he should

29/11/17 04:32

Footage of rugby league commentator Matty Johns impersonating Don Burke has resurfaced after the television presenter was accused of sexually harassment and bullying by female colleagues.

29/11/17 02:18

?Channel Seven's breakfast show Sunrise has been slammed on social media by multiple fans, over its decision to film at Sea World this week.

29/11/17 01:40

Nearly half of children aged 11 and 12 have accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, according to communications watchdog Ofcom.

28/11/17 22:50

It appears the reality persona, 26, was just as shocked as anyone, as a new teaser for the series, released on Tuesday, captured her explosive reaction to being let go.

28/11/17 19:00

A California prisoner with a homemade tattoo resembling a skull on his face escaped from a work crew despite having less than 12 weeks left on his sentence.

28/11/17 18:50

A new collection of Facebook fails - including bad taste photos galore - show exactly why you should think before you post on social media. You've been warned.

28/11/17 15:22

Adam Davis, 29, was let through using just a hi-vis jacket, ladder and fake ID and filmed himself humiliating the near-naked women on set.

28/11/17 12:31

A Facebook event celebrating Prince Harry's stag do has gone viral, attracting more than 30,000 attendees. A further 73,000 said they are 'interested' in attending the event.

28/11/17 10:52

Embattled television gardening personality Don Burke was so angered by a critical profile published in a Sydney newspaper in 1991 that he threatened to sue.

28/11/17 01:56

A huge shark has been caught by two fisherman in the Georges River, prompting a safety warning for the stretch of water 20 kilometres from the ocean.?

27/11/17 23:44

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said she had received 'bad news' regarding her citizenship on Monday night. Senator Hanson posted a cryptic message on Facebook.

27/11/17 23:35

The terrifying moment a Hyundai Santa Fe was spotted weaving erratically through traffic in Queensland, forcing other drivers off the road, has been caught on camera.

27/11/17 23:13

The substitute phone, designed by Vienna based designer Klemens Schillinger, uses stones to imitate smartphone gestures. The goal is to help people reduce their smartphone usage.

27/11/17 21:26

A bobcat? (pictured) miraculously survived being hit by a car and becoming lodged into the vehicle's grill for 50 miles as the driver headed to work.

27/11/17 19:06

Fake goods ripping off brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have flooded onto the social media giant's site, generating millions of pounds in revenues for Facebook.

27/11/17 19:02

Facebook will expand its pattern recognition software to other countries after successful tests in the US to detect users with suicidal intent. Facebook began testing the software in the US in March.

27/11/17 14:39

The 31-year-old star shared a lengthy Facebook post on Friday morning, revealing that she is giving her nine-year marriage to the Everton star a second chance.

27/11/17 14:12

Officials at Crispin School (pictured), in Street, Somerset, posted the claim on its Facebook page on Thursday evening.

27/11/17 11:32

The 29-year-old made a thinly-veiled attack about 'attention seeking' on Twitter, just two days after Coleen Rooney shared a heartbreaking post on social media about forgiving her husband.

26/11/17 22:10

She finally broke her silence on her rumoured split from husband Wayne Rooney on Friday, revealing she had forgiven him after his 'silly and selfish' mistake.

25/11/17 13:17

It was a very close shave for two kangaroos who apparently misunderstood the rules for right of way at a multi-directional roundabout - and were almost hit by multiple cars trying to turn.

24/11/17 16:58

Tommy English, 28, came across five stranded dolphins that had washed up on to Keem Beach, on Archill Island, Ireland, after a batch of bad weather.

24/11/17 14:41

Former politician Clive Palmer has accused the government of destroying the Australian dream and claim 25 percent of home sales in New South Wales last year went to Chinese buyers.

23/11/17 23:32

A Queensland snake catcher has captured an image of a highly-camouflaged snake hiding among fallen branches - another reminder to check where you are walking through the summer.

23/11/17 23:05

The 35-year-old (pictured in was arrested last week after officials making a routine visit to his home discovered the vile images on his computer and alerted police.

23/11/17 20:34

Chatunga Bellarmine, one of the Zimbabwean dictator's four children, changed his profile picture on Facebook to a downcast image of his father to mark the end of the 37-year Mugabe reign.

23/11/17 17:46

Like 'Snapstreaks' on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger 'Streaks' have emoji next to the name of anyone who users are regularly messaging. It is currently being tested globally on select users.

23/11/17 17:44

The accusations were made on Wednesday, one day after the 22-year-old was ejected from the Australian jungle and sent back to the UK without a televised goodbye, or his £25,000 fee.

23/11/17 16:32

David Dearlove denies killing his 19-month-old stepson Paul Booth at the home they once shared in Stockton, Teesside in October 1968.

23/11/17 15:37

Michael Peaks, 45, was sleeping in a shop doorway in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, when he was spotted by Shane Sharkey. He has now been given a roof over his head and a job.

23/11/17 15:07

A snake handler has torn a Queensland kitchen apart to catch a deadly snake hiding under a set of draws.

23/11/17 14:44

Tributes have poured in from animal fans to Blossom, who arrived at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, when she was thought to be aged 17.

23/11/17 12:59

The Fair Work Commission found Jay Higgins, from Brisbane, did not engage in sexual harassment by texting his boss 'd*** pics', but did violate Coles' code of conduct (stock image).

23/11/17 11:52

Michael Hutchence's brother has?marked the twentieth anniversary of the rockstar's death with a social media post in which he claims Hutchence's 'biggest secret is yet to be revealed.'?

23/11/17 11:49

Others on Facebook then shared the post about the 'slightly used coffin' as if it were their own - tricking more people into believing it was real.

23/11/17 10:51

Facebook has apologized to the family of Salvatore 'Toto' Riina for having removed messages of condolences that flowed in after his death last week at the age of 87.

23/11/17 09:36

Brian J. Hansen from Chicago allegedly called?African-American children 'wild African kids', warned Black Lives Matter activists to stay away from his family and openly advocated civil war.

23/11/17 02:52

Outraged NBN customers are flocking to the internet provider's Facebook in droves to complain about their service, as thousands around the country struggle to even perform a Google search.

23/11/17 01:10

Fans of the jungle have taken to Facebook in confusion, after an eagle-eyed viewer spotted an opening scene, which he claims proves the Sheer Terror challenge could be fake.

23/11/17 00:53

Craig Campbell was sacked as a relief teacher by South Coast Baptist College in Perth after a revealing Facebook photo was seen by students and prompted him to tell school bosses he was gay

23/11/17 00:53

A software tool to be released by the end of this year will allow users to see whether they engaged with Facebook pages or Instagram accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency.

23/11/17 00:25

Advertisers on Facebook can still discriminate by race, despite Facebook saying it corrected this flaw in February of this year. Facebook ads can also discriminate by national origin and handicap.

22/11/17 19:51

Cynthia Hogan, the firm's US head of public policy wrote to the FCC urging the agency to protect people's ability to fairly access the internet without being manipulated by providers.

22/11/17 19:51

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, Facebook Inc's first institutional investor, has sold three-quarters of his remaining stake in the social network, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday.

22/11/17 17:58

?One supporter Kaz Ward called Alliston, 20, 'Bicycle Charlie' in a post about her 'pukka visit' to see him accompanied by several crying-with-laughter emojis.

22/11/17 15:33

Corrie's mother, Nicola Urquhart, said police are now using 12 police officers - instead of eight - as well as a bulldozer, in the search for the 23-year-old at the landfill site in Milton, Cambrigeshire.

22/11/17 14:36

Brittni Medina was at Disneyland with her husband and with her 10-month-old son when the little boy got hungry. She was standing in a long line and started nursing openly.

22/11/17 14:33

The brilliant collection of images, circulated on social media, shows would-be rebels trying to impress their online followers by flouting the rules - with toe-curling consequences.

22/11/17 14:27

China's social media platform Tencent has become bigger than its more famous US rival Facebook and it is the first firm in China to surpass the $500 billion valuation mark.

22/11/17 13:58

Simon Baker, 22, claims he lashed out in self-defence at Quhey Saunders (pictured) when the pair clashed at Cobham Services in Surrey on 26 June.

22/11/17 12:43

Queensland One Nation candidate Malcolm Charlwood appeared to joke that obese women offer good protection in a tsunami and has compared wives to hand grenades.

22/11/17 12:33

Startling footage has revealed the moment an armed Ohio carjacker broadcast himself stealing a car on Facebook before crashing the vehicle.

22/11/17 10:56

Lewis Edwards, 18, from Wrexham, set up a false Facebook profile in the dancer's name and used her pictures in order to persuade girls aged between 10 and 12 to carry out sexual acts.

22/11/17 10:41

Aiden Graham gives a short but very intense performance of something akin to body popping in the clip, despite having no music in the house in Scotland.

21/11/17 18:17

The Girl Scouts of the USA have warned parents not to force their daughters to hug relatives at Christmas in case they start to believe they owe intimacy to people for gifts or other reasons.

21/11/17 16:08

A man has vented his frustration after a huntsman spider in Australia apparently scuttled across his dashboard, causing him to crash his car.

21/11/17 15:40

With an ever expanding list of platforms, it's often hard for fans to work out if the ?heartfelt message they're sending their favourite celebrity is private or public.

21/11/17 13:35

Matthew Liversidge (pictured) tried in vain to brand his victim a liar, saying she had concocted the allegations after he tried to 'let her down gently', Nottingham Crown Court heard.

21/11/17 11:38

Kia Gott, from Bradford, is in a high dependency unit and recently had her fourth limb amputated. The Countess wrote to her family wishing them 'peace, strength and hope' as the youngster recovers.

21/11/17 00:30

Researchers at Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany surveyed hundreds f Facebook users on their social media activity, tendency toward materialism, and objectification of friends.

20/11/17 19:26

Dog owner Karen Fornos Klein posted the snap of her pooch Ambar hiding during an autumnal walk in the?Surrey woodland on Facebook - where it has quickly racked up dozens of likes and comments.

20/11/17 15:54

Chatunga Mugabe, dictator Robert's first son with wife Grace, issued a defiant message on Facebook on Sunday just hours before his father refused to loosen his grip on power.

20/11/17 13:38

Taiwanese Lin Siyin, 37,?convinced her friends and family members to invest money in her with the promise that she would give them high returns. She was jailed for eight years and seven months.

20/11/17 12:32

Greens candidate Shannon Girard's campaign volunteer illegally parked a ute in a disabled spot. The embarrassment comes less than a week before Queensland poll.

20/11/17 12:17

The family of Kia Gott, 11 months, from Wyke, West Yorkshire, have been warned the youngster may lose her sight and hearing, as well as suffering 90 per cent brain damage, after she became ill.

20/11/17 11:11

Patricia Meister, 64, from Queensland, has revealed that she was 'groomed' into sending $100,000 to a fake Italian lover she'd never met during an interview with Today Extra on Monday.

20/11/17 05:34

A Sydney tradesman has revealed hopes to quit his job and begin a career on stage after his spine-tingling performance of Nessun Dorma while attaching a shower head went viral.?

19/11/17 18:28

An online gallery has revealed some of the worst Facebook fails made by people around the world. They include people who have failed to get their facts straight before posting.



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