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Top 10 castles for sale that are fit for a princess

Newly-engaged Royal couple Prince Harry and Megan Markle have set up home in a modest cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace. But those who would like their new home to be a more regal affair, MailOnline Property has selected 10 castles for sale. However, a word of warning about living in a castle comes from property experts who insist that a Royal budget is often required to maintain them as it is not just the initial asking price that can be expensive.

House prices rose by 2.5 per cent over the past year, Nationwide reported today, as the property market steadied itself at a lower rate of growth.

Not every architectural thriller featured stays quite as immaculate as it looked on TV. From the cave house that couldn't get planning permission to the Peckham pad that's cheap as chips to rent.

House where JoJo Moyes wrote Me Before You is for sale

The novel 'Me Before You' was written by author JoJo Moyes at her Grade II listed Essex farmhouse, which has gone on the market for £1.5million. Joslyns Farm dates back to the 17th century, and was bought by the author - who is married and has three children - in 2006.

Savills selling former home of Madness' Suggs for £1.95m

Madness singer Suggs used to own this Campden Mews house in London in the 1980s when he released the hit song 'Our House'. He bought it in 1981, aged just 20, following the group's success in the Top 10. Their most popular songs included 'Baggy Trousers' and 'House of Fun'.

Dream of retiring in luxury? Meet the retirement flats complete with bellboy, chauffeur-driven BMW and kitchen cupboards that lower at a touch of a button

This new development in London's Chelsea offers onsite spa facilities and beauty treatments and infra-red beams on the floor that alert a nurse if you fall. But the chances are you'll have to start saving thousands of pounds every month now if you want to be able to enjoy this type of lifestyle in retirement - we've crunched the numbers to see how much you might need.

How your home can help you make you £1,000 a month?

Consider renting out parts of your home - from your driveway to your living room - and see how you could earn £1,000 a month. A host of websites mean now give you direct access to a wide audience of potential customers who are willing to pay to use almost every square foot of your home.

Armistice Day has been and gone for another year, yet the tales of heroism that took place during the world wars are always with us

New research found that 70% of 16 to 18-year-olds do not expect to be able to afford to buy a home, among concern about rising property prices.

Can you guess the price of these homes overseas?

Buying a holiday home in your favourite destination could not only prove the ultimate antidote to the British winter but may also prove a sound investment. We've selected a handful of overseas properties that could be the answer to your holiday home dreams - ranging from an exclusive 12-bedroom home in America's California to a much cheaper one-bedroom flat closer to home in Spain's?Andalusia. But can you guess the price?

House prices to rise £30,000 in five years, says Savills

House prices will slow down as interest rates rise more than previously thought, Savills predicted today - but the average home will still go up £30,000 in five years. Typical values across the country will rise 14.2 per cent by the end of 2022, but London will see the slowest growth with prices up 7.1 per cent - or just 1.4 per cent a year.

Landlord David Girtchen has spoken of his shock after finding dog faeces scattered across the west Hull house, bedroom walls covered in graffiti and bathroom tiles ripped off the walls.

The changes to customer rates are underway after the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee announced at noon it would hike the base rate from 0.25 per cent to 0.5 per cent.

Prudential's findings suggest that those who have lent money to their children are owed £12,700 on average, with 11% of loans being for more than £20,000.

New research by confirms what one might have suspected: that more property purchases are completed on Friday than on any other day of the week

The deal lets students become an amateur landlord if they have a parent or grandparent prepared to back them and put up savings or their own home as security.

We rely on black in our wardrobes but it is also a useful and chic colour when used in the home. Black walls set off bright furniture beautifully and black accessories make a style statement.

Who hasn't been driven to distraction by one of these 'trained negotiators' and their inability to direct you to the kind of home you actually want?

The North London property, which has been the home of superstars including Lionel Richie and Rod Stewart. will be the home of the contestants as they go through to the live shows.

Sixties furniture is making a comeback with surging prices

Furniture that was first hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s is staging a revival - and the items can now fetch thousands of pounds. 'If you are looking to sell a piece, look for labels as anything made by a Danish or Italian designer could go for £8,000 upwards,' advises Stacey Sibley of interior designers Alexander James.

'The key to encouraging grandchildren to visit is to make staying with granny and grandad feel like a holiday,' says Wadswick Green's chief executive Richard Williams.

The six-storey mansion near Portobello Road is believed to be the first property in London where buyers will only accept the digital currency and not cash - in this case, about 5,050 Bitcoin.

One in five stretched first-time homebuyers are taking out a mortgage that lasts for up to 35 years. Soaring house prices are forcing young buyers to resort to extra long loans, new research shows.

The Nash Regent's Park townhouse to rent for £520k a year

When someone mentions a price tag on a property of £520,000, most people would naturally think that it is the cost of buying it. But not for this Grade I listed townhouse in London's Regent's Park, where that price only covers the cost of renting the property - and just for a single year. The newly-refurbished rental property is part of a palatial terrace in London's Regents Park, designed by Royal Architect John Nash and completed in 1826.

The design of Stephen and Elizabeth Tetlow's home in the Blackdown Hills was inspired by a fossil shell Stephen spotted on their kitchen table. Kevin McCloud likened it to a snake.

John Green, 68, from Skipton, North Yorkshire, is so against having a smart meter that he's put a padlock on his existing meter box to prevent it being replaced when he's out.

The square footage of a property is one of the best indicators of what it is worth because - unlike wallpaper and furniture - it can't be changed easily without a large financial investment.

Childhood home of EM Forster is for sale for £1.5m

The childhood abode of writer EM Forster, pictured inset, overlooking the countryside on the edge of the Hertfordshire town of Stevenage doesn't disappoint, boasting five bedrooms, an inglenook fireplace and original servant bells. The author lived at the property between the ages of four and 14, and referenced it in his 1910 novel Howards End. Now the home is on the market for £1.5million

The Anglesey property dates back to the 17th century and has no utilities connected - but has been described by estate agents as being 'a great opportunity'.

Converting a buy-to-let property to a short-term holiday let isn't as simple as creating a listing on a site like Airbnb, experts have warned.

Do you live near a Millionaire's Row? Britain's most expensive streets revealed, including the London road where a home costs £36M

Research by Zoopla said there are now 14,417 streets in Britain where the average house price is at least £1million - some 1,999 more than in 2016. Top spot is claimed by Kensington Palace Gardens, the road next door to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's home, while the continuing rise of Britain's Millionaire's Rows means those without royalty as neighbours may also live near to some of Britain's most expensive roads outside London, with Roundhay Park Lane, in Leeds, Broadway, in Altrincham, and Lovelace Avenue, in Solihull, claiming top spot in their individual regions.

When a large tree is encroaching on your property, the first instinct is often to get it removed altogether. However, there are a number of issues to consider first.

By using an online estate agents instead of a traditional high street option, sellers can save thousands of pounds, while also getting their home marketed professionally.

Fancy a 7-bed villa in Thailand or a mansion on Australia's Great Barrier Reef? These homes can be yours if you're willing to fork out for the most expensive homes for sale in the world.

The hymn Amazing Grace was written by the Reverend John Newton, who lived at this pretty Buckinghamshire property from 1764 to 1780.

Dick and Angel are back! Escape to the Chateau returns to our screens - but how much cash would you need to renovate one of these properties in France?

Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel (pictured left) swapped their Essex flat for an abandoned chateau that they are renovating. Could you follow in their footsteps by buying an 11-bed chateau for £760k (pictured top right) or an 8-bed chateau for £425k (pictured bottom right).




What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

What would you find most attractive in a potential home?

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  • Open-plan living 291 votes
  • Expensive kitchen 181 votes
  • Luxury bathroom 108 votes
  • Large garden 303 votes
  • Chance to extend 147 votes
  • Period features 283 votes

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