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'Very happy indeed': Prince Charles says he’s ‘thrilled’ to announce Harry and Meghan’s engagement as he visits his model village in Dorchester?

27/11/17 15:25

27/11/17 07:58

Charles and Camilla joined punters enjoying the Prince's Countryside Fund's Racing Weekend at Ascot Racecourse where former England striker Michael Owen was in the saddle.

22/11/17 14:34

I can reveal Dillie Keane performed at the Queen's private dinner party to celebrate her and Prince Philip's platinum wedding anniversary in Windsor, WRITES SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

21/11/17 23:55

The excitable budding actor, 10, who plays Prince Charles in the Netflix drama, put his thumbs up at the cameras as he attended the world premiere in London's Leicester Square.

21/11/17 09:57

The Queen's grandsons and Kate could be seen arriving by car at the Queen's home where celebrations of her wedding anniversary will be held this evening.

20/11/17 15:53

The Prince of Wales praised?the 'resilience' of Dominicans as he visited to witness the damage inflicted on their island by Hurricane Maria.

19/11/17 22:10

Charles is fulfilling a personal mission to see for himself the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which barrelled across the Caribbean leaving destruction in their wake.

19/11/17 12:41

At the time, the Prince was feeling ill-disposed towards the Foreign Office because it was blocking his planned pilgrimage to Africa’s Kalahari desert with his spiritual mentor, Sir Laurens van der Post.

16/11/17 17:23

The 45-year-old ITV News presenter beamed as she made her way to London's Buckingham Palace to collect the coveted honour, which was awarded for her services to Holocaust commemoration.

15/11/17 01:03

When the King's private secretary Tommy Lascelles brought the good news, Philip bounded upstairs into the Buhl Room. he declared that Charles looked like a plum pudding.

14/11/17 18:18

Six First World War-era 13 pounder field guns were used during the salute in Green Park. Gun salutes also took place at the Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle in Charles's honour.

13/11/17 09:47

At one point a tear could be seen in her eye, though royal observers put this down to a harsh Arctic breeze ushering in a cold snap rather than a public display of emotion.

13/11/17 08:49

Prince Charles was fiercely criticised last night after it emerged he once urged the US to ‘take on the Jewish lobby’ – and blamed ‘the influx of foreign Jews’ for causing unrest in the Middle East.

12/11/17 22:12

Ten thousand current and former members of the military, dignitaries and members of the public gathered at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday to honour Britain's war dead.

10/11/17 13:40

Foreign pests and diseases are threatening the health of all of Britain’s trees, Prince Charles has said. Dutch Elm disease has already all but wiped out native elms but other threats are on the rise.

09/11/17 11:13

The royal couple embarked on the last day of their marathon 11-day tour of Asia and India today and met schoolchildren and female taxi drivers.

09/11/17 07:23

Charles apparently lobbied to alter climate change policy not long after a secret investment by the Duchy of Cornwall of £86,000 in a Bermuda-based company.

09/11/17 03:40

On the same day that Prince Charles was dragged into a furore over offshore investments, his son Prince William received two officials from the Duchy of Cornwall at Kensington Palace.

09/11/17 02:13

The call for transparency came after the prince’s Duchy of Cornwall private estate was alleged to have invested £86,000 in a Bermuda carbon credit trading company run by a close friend in 2007.

08/11/17 21:08

Charles and Camilla landed in smog-filled New Delhi at the tail end of an 11-day visit to south east Asia on behalf of the Queen and the Foreign Office.

08/11/17 09:16

The Prince purchased a $113,500 stake in Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd (SFM), a firm, registered in the tax-haven of Bermuda, in 2007.

07/11/17 23:37

'Enough about my boys' finances. Let's have one more pint and we'll talk about yours.'

07/11/17 17:23

The royal couple were greeted by whirling tribal dancers as they arrived at a Sarawak Cultural Village and given gifts of handmade beaded garlands.

07/11/17 14:42

The couple visited places of worship belonging to the Christian, Muslim, Chinese and Hindu communities in the Penang capital George Town.

07/11/17 00:09

'Santa Claus on his sleigh on a starry night' by Ted Lewis-Clark, from Frome, Somerset, and 'Snow family' by Arwen Wilson, from Dudley, West Midlands, were chosen from 200,000 entries.

06/11/17 11:45

Prince Charles urges the world to start eating more exotic foods to end hunger, such as pigweed - otherwise known as moringa - and bambara groundnuts as populations boom.

06/11/17 01:57

If you can’t tell your dragon fruit from your dragon bean, or you wouldn’t know where to start with a bambara groundnut, you’re not alone.

03/11/17 14:59

The Duchess of Cornwall was hailed a ‘style icon’ by the legendary shoe designer at a glittering gala dinner to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Britain and Malaysia.

03/11/17 05:05

During a meeting with?The Raja Isteri, wife of the Sultan of Brunei the Duchess, 70, admitted the hectic pace of her 11-day tour of south east Asia with Prince Charles is taking its toll.

02/11/17 18:31

Vietnam-born Anh Nhu Nguyen claimed he lost his wife and son in the inferno and was assigned a family liaison officer before police noticed inconsistencies in his story

01/11/17 13:48

Police listened in while Real IRA boss Séamus McGrane discussed a bomb plot with Donal ó Coisdealbha. The pair spoke about detonating a device during Prince Charles' visit.

01/11/17 11:13

The heir to the British throne got to grips with a Dyson vacuum on Wednesday at a technology centre in Singapore, on day three of an official visit with the Duchess of Cornwall.

31/10/17 17:34

The Royal Flight was the world's first head of state aircraft unit. The first recorded royal taking place on July 17, 1917 when the then-Prince of Wales enjoyed a 30 minute flight in France.

31/10/17 09:32

The Prince of Wales and Camilla arrived in Singapore on Tuesday for the first stop of an 11-day trip to strengthen ties between Britain and Asian countries.

30/10/17 21:55

Charles and Camilla today kicked off an 11-day trip to south-east Asia and India in Singapore where they athletes of the Queen's Baton Relay for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

23/10/17 23:13

Charles will be indignant to learn that Labour peer Tony Berkeley has tabled a Private Member’s Bill aimed at bringing the Duchy into line with other companies by making it pay corporation tax.

23/10/17 11:05

Prince Charles's estate opened its online Christmas shop today selling all matter of festive decorations, food, drink and gifts including a £25 traditional Christmas pudding.

21/10/17 00:19

The trays are being used in trials for tomatoes sold under the Duchy Organic label. If a trial is successful, they will be used in other branches next year and could save 3.5m plastic trays a year.

20/10/17 17:12

Charles, 68, was seen laughing away as he met with youngsters in Northern Ireland. He will also meet with residents caught up in the deluge and emergency services during his visit.

12/10/17 00:50

The Queen is to break with tradition and observe the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony from a balcony overlooking the Cenotaph, with the Prince of Wales laying her wreath.

11/10/17 14:42

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are looking for a new sous chef, who would have to cook them organic food only and travel with them for up to two weeks at a time.

08/10/17 15:23

Prince Charles urged Prime Minister Tony Blair to scrap the planned hunting ban in a private letter revealed for the first time today by The Mail on Sunday.

06/10/17 09:38

Prince Charles has sparked outrage after he claimed pirates off the coast off Somalia had led to an 'explosion' of bigger fish as fisherman were too scared to enter the sea.

06/10/17 02:35

Charles, 68, met with veterinarians from Nature Trust Malta who work on the charity's Turtle Rehabilitation programme before picking up the turtle and carrying it to the ocean.

04/10/17 21:31

Charles began his two-day trip to the Commonwealth country with a meeting with prime minister Joseph Muscat and had the chance to say hello to the politician's family.

04/10/17 00:57

Clarence House announced the couple’s tour next month would take in Singapore, Malaysia and India - as well as a fourth, as yet unannounced, host nation. Pictured, in 2012.

03/10/17 11:20

The Duchess of Cornwall might never have got together with Prince Charles had her first husband not cheated on her with Princess Anne, a leading royal biographer has suggested.

02/10/17 12:51

Zeaphena Badley, 35, pictured with former fiance Nicholas Knatchbull, the Lord Romsey, was jailed for nine years for a knife attack on a couple as they entered a Burger King in London.

25/09/17 18:13

‘If anyone doubted Michael’s importance to His Royal Highness, this is his response,’ a courtier claims. ‘Michael is probably the most influential person in the Prince’s life .’

24/09/17 11:09

The Queen’s former physician feared Princess Diana was suffering from an obscure mental disorder that risked ‘dynastic disaster’, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

22/09/17 13:44

Property developers let 'architecturally ignorant and undemocratic' Prince Charles choose which architects to use for their building plans, Lord Rogers of Riverside, (pictured), 84, claims.

20/09/17 18:19

The 267ft New World Tapestry, depicting North American colonisation between 1583 and 1642, perpetuates a 'racist tradition', the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) said.

18/09/17 16:36

They were the seven days that shocked the world, from the death of Princess Diana in Paris to her funeral at Westminster Abbey.

17/09/17 15:29

The claims controversially suggested the Prince was working to increase his responsibilities by the time he reaches his landmark 70th birthday next year, a move said to be known as Project 70.

17/09/17 14:44

Prince Charles and wife Camilla are said to be 'very comfortable' living in Clarence House, and believe Buckingham Palace is too expensive to serve as a permanent home.

17/09/17 14:12

Charles and Camilla led arrivals on Sunday for the annual service commemorating the remarkable victory - and loss of life - by Royal Air Force pilots and aircrew during the 1940 battle.

14/09/17 19:00

Prince Charles, 68, chatted to locals as he toured the show in Milnthorpe, Cumbria, which features?livestock displays, horse jumping and wrestling, as well as craft lessons from the WI.

10/09/17 05:43

Since ships are always named by women, the Duchess was the guest of honour at Rosyth Dockyard yesterday, with the Prince at her side in his admiral’s uniform.

07/09/17 08:03

Prince Charles met with Classic FM presenter Myleene Klass on Wednesday evening at a recital celebrating 25 years of the radio station.

01/09/17 00:24

Charles, the Queen and Prince Philip appeared to be in a reflective mood as they left the Scottish estate in a convoy of Land Rovers. The royals all drove separately, while accompanied by aides.

27/08/17 19:32

Despite polls showing Charles's popularity waning, it is thought he will keep quiet on the anniversary of Diana's death. Instead, he will leave London with the Duchess of Cornwall.

23/08/17 02:39

Jumping to the defence of the Prince of Wales amid a reported slump in the royal's popularity among the public, Dickie Arbiter (pictured right) said the nation must learn to cherish the future king.

21/08/17 07:46

Prince Charles’s popularity has plunged in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, a poll reveals today. And only 14 per cent want to see Camilla as Queen. Above: the pair yesterday.

20/08/17 16:18

Source close to the royals have dismissed rumours that the Queen is planning to hand over her official duties to Prince Charles, following the retirement of the Duke of Edinburgh.

20/08/17 11:18

A recording has emerged of Princess Diana confiding in singer George Michael about her divorce after the ex-Wham star rang her to wish her a happy birthday while high on cannabis.

19/08/17 12:21

Mark Leishman (right) who has been at the side of the heir to the throne the Prince of Wales (left) since 2003 as the Prince’s private secretary, has dramatically quit.

17/08/17 08:08

Prince Charles and William have made a rare appearance together for a night of pomp and pageantry at the Edinburgh Tattoo.

14/08/17 05:03

Yesterday a poll claimed that two-thirds of Britons do not think the Duchess of Cornwall should be Queen – and only 19 per cent thought she was fit for the role.

14/08/17 01:48

After a disastrous month for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, during which hostility towards them both has mounted, there now comes the knockout blow of a damning poll.

12/08/17 17:52

A public announcement of the end of the royal marriage didn't formally come from Parliament until 1992, however images of Charles and Camilla on holiday in Turkey emerged earlier.

12/08/17 13:25

Diana tried to woo Charles away from Camilla using provocative lingerie despite years having passed since they shared a bed. Here it's revealed how she fought to save her marriage.

06/08/17 17:33

Princess Diana caught Prince Charles sitting on the toilet as he spoke intimately with Camilla Parker-Bowles, new tapes due to be aired tonight for the first time claim.

06/08/17 16:21

Prince Charles, known as the Duke of Rothesay when in Scotland, was decked out in full Scottish dress as he paid a visit to?the Mey Highland Games on Saturday.

06/08/17 10:25

Princess Diana's describes herself as a 'rebel' who 'played fire and got burned' in the extraordinary trailer for her bombshell tapes.

05/08/17 16:52

Princess Diana, 19 became a public fascination after marrying Prince Charles, but those closest to her reveal she had more than royalty and youth against her marriage from the start

02/08/17 22:37

Prince Charles and Camilla were snapped in summery attire on board the superyacht OKTO, owned by Greek tycoon Theodore Angelopoulos, which is moored in a Corfu harbour.

01/08/17 17:02

Prince Charles, who is known as?the Duke of Rothesay while in Scotland, donned a kilt for the visit to the John O'Groats Brewery in Caithness this afternoon.

01/08/17 15:04

From medals commemorating his mother's reign on the throne, to personal military service awards, MailOnline takes a look at each of the awards given to the Prince of Wales.

01/08/17 01:15

Prince Charles paid tribute yesterday to the British and Allied soldiers who fought at Passchendaele on the centenary of the day the battle began.

31/07/17 22:26

In this astonishing photograph James Hewitt can be seen sharing a joke with Prince Charles who is said to have known about his affair with Diana.




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