Kidnapped British missionary was shot dead by Nigerian gang after singing Amazing Grace to lift fellow captives' spirits?

25/11/17 12:45

21/11/17 13:52

The blast happened during early morning prayers at the Madina mosque in the Unguwar Shuwa area of Mubi, 125 miles from Nigeria's Adamawa state capital Yola.

08/11/17 17:24

On Monday the news broke that Ian Squire been killed, while three other British nationals had returned safely home after the west African country’s authorities negotiated their release.

06/11/17 20:19

Ian Squire was among four Christian charity workers seized in the early hours of October 13 while working as missionaries in Nigeria's southern Delta state.

01/11/17 18:29

The Queen of the Netherlands, who is mid-way through a tour of Nigeria, wore a typically vibrant outfit to meet local farmers at a bank in Abuja, the capital, on Wednesday.

31/10/17 21:48

The Queen of the Netherlands, 45, appeared delighted as she greeted a group of young boys and their mother at Subol Hospital in Nigeria.

20/10/17 20:12

Underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday.

19/10/17 01:57

The police are attempting to rescue the four people, who were taken by unidentified gunmen on October 13, said Andrew Aniamaka, a spokesman for Delta state police (File photo).

06/10/17 19:10

Afolake Adeniji, 50, was jailed for two and a half years for luring Iyabo Prosper, then 13, to the UK from Nigeria to be her slave. The girl was 'exploited' at her homes in London and Essex.

28/09/17 07:39

British Airways stewardess Joanne Wickenden, 23, of Hampshire, who posted a racist Snapchat rant aimed at Nigerian passengers insists she resigned her post.

27/09/17 11:48

The British Airways stewardess behind a racist Snapchat rant against Nigerian passengers has today been sacked by the airline during a two-hour meeting with aviation bosses.

20/09/17 22:26

Nigerian energy businessman Kola Aluko's (pictured right) apartment at One57 in Manhattan is up for sale for $11million less than he bought it for in 2014.

31/08/17 22:33

Boris Johnson was pictured racing across water in an anti-pirate vessel alongside Navy personnel during a trip to Nigeria, where he made an official visit with aid secretary Priti Patel.

31/08/17 19:18

Afolake Adeniji, 50, is said to have arranged for Iyabo Prosper to fly to London from her home in Nigeria back in 2003, when she was just 13, but instead made her clean the house all day, a court heard.

31/08/17 17:50

Together with International Aid Secretary Priti Patel, the Foreign Secretary met victims of terrorist violence and helped malnourished children.

21/08/17 19:51

On Monday the corporation launched an online portal that is entirely in Pidgin and, like the rest of the BBC's sites, features text news, features and podcasts.

14/08/17 00:43

The majority of suicide bombers that terrorist group Boko Haram uses to kill innocent civilians are women and children, according to a US study.

27/07/17 15:23

Aisha Yerima?was kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria more than four years ago and taken to their Sambisa forest stronghold where she married a commander.

25/07/17 15:06

David Walker, 39, of Newcastle, posed as a woman called 'Julian Le Flange' on Facebook to expose a conman claiming to be a Nigerian pastor asking for money to come to the UK.

17/07/17 01:11

Boris Becker (pictured) lost a huge part of his £100million fortune in dubious investments in Nigerian oil firms. The shares plummeted in value which contributed to his bankruptcy.

12/07/17 23:44

Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the 42-year-old millionaire 'Ooni of Ife' - one of Nigeria's most powerful spiritual leaders - was travelling with his high chiefs to Ontario, Canada.

12/07/17 14:18

The shadowy 'Badoo' gang is believed to have killed 30 people since June in Nigeria. In one horrible incident, two women and a baby, aged 9 months, had their heads smashed with a stone.

27/06/17 10:16

The crew used stolen personal details from the Civil Service Sports Council, to make fraudulent claims over a four-year period, getting away with nearly £2,500,000.

26/06/17 08:19

American citizen Marco Antonio Ramirez has been arrested in Nigeria after he allegedly duped three Nigerian men in a $565,000 green card scam.

23/06/17 00:49

Oil leaks caused by gangs of thieves, as well as cracked pipes and equipment breakdowns, have devastated local livelihoods and wildlife, triggering conflict and resentment.

19/05/17 18:59

Dr Ayodeji Adewakun and husband Abimbola Adewakun, of south-east London, lured the woman to the UK from Nigeria with promises of a salary of £500 per month.

09/05/17 11:17

Dr Ayodeji Adewakun (pictured) and husband Abimbola are alleged to have made Iyambo Olatunji work 18-hour days looking after their children, cleaning their home and cooking meals.

08/05/17 00:24

The 82 Chibok schoolgirls freed from the clutches of Boko Haram have been flown by helicopter to the Nigerian capital of Abuja to meet the president (pictured) after their release was negotiated

07/05/17 00:47

They are the largest group yet to be freed after years of tense negotiations between the Nigerian government and the terrorist group. It follows the release of 21 girls in October.

21/04/17 14:28

At least 20 Manchester United supporters in Nigeria have been killed while watching the team's Europa League game last night after a live electrical wire fell on a packed bar.

20/04/17 10:45

Footage captured by a passenger showed people praying loudly, screaming and weeping as the crew prepared to make an emergency landing in Lagos, Nigeria.

12/04/17 17:46

Police have arrested five suspected members of the Islamist militant group based in Benue state, in the Nigeria's middle belt, over plans to strike the two consulates in the capital Abuja.

11/04/17 17:16

Shell joined forces with Italian rival ENI to acquire the site off the coast of Nigeria for £1bn – giving it access to nine billion barrels of oil, worth nearly half a trillion dollars at today's prices.

06/04/17 11:06

A resident from the village of Belbelo, near the northeastern city of Maiduguri (file image of earlier terrorist attack), said guests are grateful that the dog sacrificed itself to save their lives.

04/04/17 11:48

The clip starts with the man bending over and biting the metal barbell at his home in Nigeria. He takes a moment to ensure his grip is correct before quickly kneeling then standing with the weights.

31/03/17 12:56

Tope Abiodun, 23, has been in a Nigerian prison for four years after stealing a smartphone valued at £256. He was planning to sell it to buy food for his siblings, according to a justice campaigner.

29/03/17 12:41

The images were captured by Edward Harland Duckworth, who served as Inspector of Education in Nigeria from 1930 to 1944, and collated into a photo album by his friend Henry Svory.

08/03/17 01:16

In a video, the girl tells Nigerian police she was offered just 200 Naira to detonate a suicide vest in a 'crowded place' in the city of Maiduguri.

04/03/17 01:23

Henry Chibueze, 36, was responsible for killing up to 200 people in a vicious campaign of kidnap and murder, which he began at the tender age of 11.

02/03/17 17:27

After inviting her to his flat in Nigeria, Sunday Ushie claimed he butchered mother-of-two Nnena Samuel with a knife and had sex with her mutilated body to satisfy his needs, blaming it on Satan.

25/02/17 15:09

Aisha Modu's daughter died just 40 days after giving birth to a little girl herself. As Aisha looked after the newborn, she had to flee insurgents in Nigeria and was forced to breastfeed for her survival.

22/02/17 06:40

Naija Gym Blog tweeted to its thousands of followers that eating two slices of pizza is 'equivalent' to drinking three spoons of oil.

17/02/17 08:55

Britain?has poured more than £100million of the foreign aid budget into shopping malls and retail chains around the world as high street shops at home face massive rises in business rates.

13/02/17 02:00

Fraudsters are no longer?relying on phishing emails about lotteries and charity, but are duping people with offers including partnerships with MNCs and investing in herbal seed businesses.

03/02/17 18:03

Photographs of the little boy in Nigeria known as Hope broke the world's hearts last year after a charity worker found him emaciated and riddled with worms after being abandoned.

01/02/17 17:47

A series of photographs taken in the slums of Lagos shows sex workers living in squalid conditions. Recent studies have found that nearly a quarter of Nigerian prostitutes have HIV.

01/02/17 11:19

A Nigerian woman who gave birth to IVF quadruplets after a stop-over flight to the UK will detail her journey in BBC2 documentary Hospital, tomorrow.?

30/01/17 14:34

Mohammed Bello Abubakar died in Central Niger State from an unknown illness on Saturday. In 2008 clerics demanded he divorce all but four wives but the preacher refused.

25/01/17 04:57

The poster was spotted by Lagos-based lawyer and artist?Tunji O, 27, who shared a photo of it on social media.

25/01/17 00:26

The suspected Boko Haram terrorist was joined in the attack by two young girls who also targeted the busy market in Madagali in north eastern Nigeria according to local authorities, file photo.

22/01/17 14:17

Bala Chinda, 26, raped and killed high-class escort Jessica McGraa, 37, in February 2016, just a few weeks after he arrived in Scotland to study at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

17/01/17 19:00

The Nigerian Air Force fighter jet ?was on a mission against the terrorists (pictured) on Tuesday when it mistakenly bombed the refugees and wounded a number of aid workers.

04/01/17 22:57

Authorities have detained nine members of a Nigerian trafficking group that used illegal migration routes to smuggle young girls from their home countries in Africa to Spanish holiday resorts.

02/01/17 18:10

Prince Ogidikpe, 19, got the shock of his life when he received a letter announcing his US citizenship on Christmas. The Nigerian native moved to San Bernardino, California in 2010.

02/01/17 04:02

A girl aged just ten blew herself up at a food market in Nigeria. The New Year's Eve attack in the northeastern city of Maiduguri seriously injured one person.

30/12/16 14:26

The woman, from Nigeria, reportedly climbed up the pole in a suicide bid. She threw herself on to the cables but was not electrocuted, prompting some onlookers to accuse the pensioner of witchcraft.

29/12/16 14:13

Adult fighters tell their young recruits they will 'have fun' sexually assaulting their captives, according to a boy soldier who was kidnapped by Boko Haram from his home in Baga, Nigeria.

28/12/16 11:53

A teen who was caught stealing chickens at a market in Lagos, Nigeria, was stripped, beaten and paraded in front of locals with the birds hung around his neck. WARNING: Disturbing images.

28/12/16 08:21

Tragic Rahma Haruna became famous around the world after a picture of her being carried by her 10-year-old brother was shared online.

27/12/16 13:21

Suspect Gabon Iyiaka was seized by locals in his Ehime Mbano community, in Imo State, in southern Nigeria, where they dished out a bit of local justice instead of handing him over to the police.

27/12/16 07:27

Nigerian police confirmed the failed suicide bomber was lynched to death by an irate mob when she failed to detonate her explosive vest at the Kasuway Shanu cattle mart in the north east.

22/12/16 11:20

A suspect has been arrested after 102 bags were seized in Lagos. Prices of the staple food have rocketed ahead of Christmas and the New Year.

19/12/16 16:44

Aduragbemi Saka,12, from Ondo, Nigeria was stuck in a wall for three days after running away from home. He was eventually freed after a passerby heard his singing.

11/12/16 16:46

The attack in the Maiduguri, which lies in the Boko Haram stronghold of Borno state, killed both the girls and one other person, while 18 were left injured.

11/12/16 12:34

The roof of a crowded church in Nigeria has collapsed onto worshippers, killing at least 160 people, a hospital director said. Dozens of people were also injured.

08/12/16 19:33

A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet flying from Lagos to London Heathrow declared a mid-air medical emergency and landed in Marseille. An ill passenger was met by emergency services at the airport.

06/12/16 20:20

Forty-six percent of US citizens questioned in a Red Cross survey of 17,000 people said it was acceptable for the armed forces to torture enemy combatants to glean military information.

04/12/16 03:15

Halima, 16, who now lives in a large refugee camp in Maiduguri, Nigeria, was seized from her family's farm after the extremists killed her father and husband before shooting dead her mother.

25/11/16 13:04

Femi Nandap, 23, murdered Dr Jeroen Ensink in Islington, north London last year and is currently serving a sentence with no time limit at Broadmoor secure hospital in Berkshire.

24/11/16 10:18

The children were attacked as they carried water home. Their mother, Cecilia Emberga Agammbuee (pictured), said: 'When I saw their headless bodies, I thought I would die'.

23/11/16 11:04

The rescuers were unable to move the truck and used a machete to carry out the amputation in a drastic attempt to save the life of?Monica Onokah in the town of Festac in south-western Nigeria.

19/11/16 17:59

Thinking no one could see him, after being sold a charm by a witchdoctor, the butcher kept on visiting the warehouse and stuffed slabs of meat into his sack.

18/11/16 21:20

Baroness Caroline Cox was visiting survivors in the war-ravaged village of Jong, in Nigeria, as part of a humanitarian trip when a crew of Islamic Fulani gunmen launched an attack.

10/11/16 07:39

The huge snake was killed by locals in the West African country of Nigeria after a farmer accused it of feasting on his livestock and that the swelling in its stomach was not eggs but his calf.

04/11/16 21:00

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horrific footage shows a female self-confessed child-kidnapping witch doctor stripped naked and beaten before being sexually assaulted in Nigeria.

21/10/16 18:12

Boko Haram forcibly bought this 17-year-old and she spent two years living with the insurgents. Now the pregnant teenager is rebuilding her life and dreams of owning a business.

20/10/16 14:27

Mohammed Bello Abubakar has fallen foul of clerics who say he should not have more than four wives - but he said there could still be plenty of future Mrs Bellos out there.

18/10/16 18:51

A community leader involved in the negotiations to obtain the release of the schoolgirls abducted from Chibok in northern Nigeria has said more than 100 of them are unwilling to return home.

17/10/16 13:17

Some of the 21 schoolgirls from Chibok in Nigeria who have been freed after more than two years in the hands of Boko Haram Islamists have been giving details of their horrific ordeal.

14/10/16 17:02

A group of 21 girls who were released by terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria appeared tearful and overcome with emotion as they met with the country's vice president Yemi Osinbajo.




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