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'I want my f***ing nuggets!' Man, 30, whose 4.40am order for TWO HUNDRED of the McDonald's snacks was turned down because the breakfast menu had kicked in loses his licence for drunk rampage

30/11/17 02:23

29/11/17 19:21

A man who toppled over a car bonnet after a driver smashed into him was confronting hooligans about the dangers of doing doughnuts on an Auckland beach.

29/11/17 01:28

An entire house has been mysteriously dumped on a vacant block after it was cleared to make way for a retail centre in Auckland.

28/11/17 21:31

The nominees for the 60th annual Grammy Awards were revealed on Tuesday on CBS This Morning by singer Andra Day, and elicited a quick, and big, reaction online.

28/11/17 13:26

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, 53, has been enjoying some downtime in New Zealand's Bay of Islands this week. FEMAIL took a look at her super luxe stay in the private bay.

28/11/17 00:38

A New Zealand mother who suffocated her newborn son, fed him a button battery, and overdosed her daughter, was sentenced to more than seven years behind bars on Tuesday.

27/11/17 22:50

In the almost three minute clip a selection of trained authority figures take it in turns to run across the screen with information about what trainees should expect.

27/11/17 12:34

New Zealand could be hit by devastating earthquakes and tsunamis after the awakening of the long-dormant Hikurangi subduction zone off the east coast, scientists warn.

27/11/17 05:52

He's the Canadian singer-songwriter behind a slew of worldwide hits.

26/11/17 14:59

The tremor, that struck at 2.31am on Monday, was a rude awakening for thousands of New Zealanders, with 2000 people reporting that they felt the quake.

25/11/17 14:57

A New Zealand man who met his Russian birth father for the first time two years ago has opened up on how their bond has changed his life.

25/11/17 14:18

Partying Tongan fans have shut down a major intersection in Sydney after their team came agonisingly close to causing a major upset at the rugby league World Cup.

24/11/17 13:45

Australia’s weightlifting boss has slammed New Zealand’s decision to select a transgender weightlifter for the Commonwealth Games.

24/11/17 13:12

Carefree traveller Toni Kelly who documented her jet-setting life on Instagram plunged from a window 'while taking a photo'.

24/11/17 00:28

The parents of a young woman who fell to her death while taking a selfie have rushed to London to bring their beloved daughter back home.?

23/11/17 15:18

A female teacher at a boy's school in New Zealand has been struck from the teacher's record after playing her science class a video titled '10 things you didn't know about orgasms'.

23/11/17 11:26

The family of a young New Zealand woman tragically killed in the UK after an accident want to bring her body home after her life support was turned off.

23/11/17 00:10

A sports presenter who broke his wife's back and put her in a wheelchair by pushing her down the stairs has pulled out of appearing on a 'hard-hitting' new Sky show after uproar.

22/11/17 12:19

A former Catholic priest has been extradited from New Zealand after being accused of sexually assaulting seven boys and young men who were aged between 14 and 20 in 1987 and 1989.

22/11/17 10:13

Fleetwood Mac's Stevie nicks and The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde gave New Zealand fans plenty of reasons to smile on Tuesday when they played to a packed house in Auckland

21/11/17 15:50

KFC New Zealand has brought out its own range of fried-chicken themed decorations to help spice up people's Christmas trees this year, with five unique chicken-themed ornaments.

21/11/17 13:55

A video has emerged of a huge swarm of bees taking over a bus shelter outside a popular Auckland shopping centre.

21/11/17 02:19

A New Zealand teetotaler was told she couldn't buy a bottle of grape juice because it was being sold as booze despite having zero alcohol.

20/11/17 12:32

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vehemently denied claims Donald Trump thought she was Justin Trudeau's wife during a recent visit to Asia for the APEC summit.

19/11/17 05:55

Three members of the same family have been left in a 'vegetative state' and may be paralysed for life after eating contaminated wild boar they shot on a hunting trip in New Zealand.

18/11/17 14:20

Horrific video obtained by activists from Direct Animal Action has shown the 'heartbreaking' conditions at Zeagold Foods egg farm in Whangarei, New Zealand.

18/11/17 13:49

A pair of the world's most stubborn drivers have battled it out on the streets of Wellington, New Zealand, leaving the internet divided.

18/11/17 13:10

Jesse Johnston, who has been living on the NSW Central Coast until recently, was allegedly visiting Indonesia on a gang holiday before he was refused entry into the country.

17/11/17 23:15

Doctors believe three members of the same family who are in a 'vegetative state' after eating contaminated wild boar may have contracted botulism.

17/11/17 15:06

Three members of a New Zealand family remain in hospital after becoming gravely ill. The family are believed to have contracted botulism, after eating a contaminated wild boar.

17/11/17 09:40

Terribly damaged by an earthquake in 2011, the New Zealand city of Christchurch has taken time to find its feet. But now, there are plentiful signs of new life, says Mark Palmer.

16/11/17 21:35

UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum has been charged with assault after police say he threw a boomerang at fellow UFC fighter Colby Covington's head during an argument outside a Sydney Hotel.

16/11/17 14:25

She's the New Zealand songstress whose current album, Melodrama, is kicking more goals than the All Blacks rugby union team.

15/11/17 00:35

A woman named Gay claims she and others who share her name are being discriminated against by a gay rights television commercial.

14/11/17 23:38

She's the quirky pop star adored by millions around the globe.

14/11/17 10:49

New Zealand Water Safety has launched a new campaign in time for summer, designed to reduce swimming-related deaths. They've introduced the 'Swim Reaper'.

13/11/17 08:05

Jessica Quinn, from New Zealand, who lost her limb to bone cancer has spoken candidly about her vulnerability of living with a prosthetic leg growing up.

12/11/17 23:57

Barry Watkins, whose dad was killed in a shark attack, encountered eight of the animals in a feeding frenzy around a whale carcass off Garden Island in Western Australia on Sunday.

12/11/17 21:54

Bernard Riedl, 28, dived off a wharf in his underwear trying to save a five-year-old boy from drowning at an Auckland beach, but wasn't strong enough to pull him from the choppy water.

12/11/17 21:49

A New Zealand woman on the waiting list for a potentially life-saving double lung transplant has posed for a stunning series of body-positive photographs wearing lingerie.

12/11/17 13:25

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has blasted Australia's handling of the refugee crisis on Manus Island as unacceptable as she seeks another meeting with Malcolm Turnbull.

12/11/17 13:17

A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand causing buildings to shake in Wellington. The 4.8-magnitude tremor on Sunday evening hit 20km west of the capital at a depth of 45 kilometres.

11/11/17 21:22

Little Billie Ava Stevens, from Brisbane, who was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing a tiny 510 grams has defied the odds to celebrate her first birthday.

11/11/17 14:43

The Tongan and New Zealand rugby league teams have engaged in a fierce showdown ahead of their crunch World Cup match.

10/11/17 10:07

An internet safety company in New Zealand has created a chatbot to target scammers by replying to their requests for information with controlled emails.

08/11/17 23:39

Fundamentalist New Zealand pastor Logan Robertson who said gay people should be shot in the head is opening a branch of his WestCity Bible Baptist Church in Brisbane.

08/11/17 12:37

On Wednesday this week, Bachelorette loser Ryan Jones joked that he has been deported to New Zealand.

08/11/17 08:15

Children as young as two years old have had their teeth removed due to decay, and disease is on the rise, a dentist says about Australia and New Zealand's declining dental health.

07/11/17 23:05

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s popular pet Paddles – dubbed the nation’s ‘First Cat’ - has tragically died after being run over.

07/11/17 20:04

She's one of New Zealand's most successful exports.? And on Tuesday, Lorde not only kicked off her New Zealand Melodrama World Tour but celebrated her 21st birthday. Taking

06/11/17 16:50

Reality star Andrew Jury from Married at First Sight, has apologised after offensive messages he sent to a woman on Tinder calling her a 'w***e' and 'mutant' surfaced online.

05/11/17 16:26

Bridget Morton (pictured) made headlines in August when a series of salacious text messages showing the rugby champion asking her for sex were revealed by Daily Mail Australia.

05/11/17 16:01

New Zealand's newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has reiterated an offer to take 150 refugees from offshore centres in her first meeting with Malcolm Turnbull.

05/11/17 13:09

Hollywood star Russell Crowe has slammed Australia for refusing New Zealand's offer to resettle 150 asylum seekers stranded on Manus Island and Nauru.

04/11/17 22:50

New Zealand All Blacks rugby star Aaron Smith tried to cover up the full extent of his toilet tryst with lawyer Bridget Morton, an investigation has found.

04/11/17 01:02

She's the New Zealand born model that's been cast for Victoria's Secret.

03/11/17 18:37

Seven terminally ill women from New Zealand have been captured in a heartbreaking but beautiful photo series posing next to their 'rocks'.

03/11/17 02:16

A young mother has described her shock after a rotten sandwich was thrown at her one-year-old son's head through the car window in Wellington, New Zealand on Thursday.

02/11/17 23:59

New Zealand-born model, Georgia Fowler, recently shared what she's doing in the lead-up to the Victoria's Secret show on November 20. Georgia said she weight trains and cuts out excess carbs.

02/11/17 18:59

A girl who was one of six topless teenagers wearing only their underwear cut a Year 12 student's leg 'to the bone' when a motorbike she was riding crashed into him.

02/11/17 14:44

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop still hasn't called New Zealand's new prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, as tensions remain over the Barnaby Joyce citizenship scandal.

02/11/17 09:43

NZ label Lonely Lingerie has launched it's maternity lingerie as a response to the growing demand for comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces which fit the bodies of pregnant and new mothers.

02/11/17 00:25

The Victoria's Secret model was rumoured to have dated?Harry Styles in 2015. And on Thursday, New Zealand-born stunner Georgia Fowler addressed speculation a song by the British star was about her.

01/11/17 21:11

Brutal photos revealing the gruesome injuries suffered by a man who was kidnapped in New Zealand have been released by police as they continue to search for a masked gunman.

01/11/17 11:52

A man who was handed the second-longest jail term in New Zealand history has taken out an injunction against the country's largest production company.

31/10/17 20:10

This is the moment a daredevil cyclist performed a massive wheelie while hurtling down a hill in Dunedin, New Zealand.

31/10/17 03:33

The shocking moment a man threw himself onto a busy New Zealand motorway and is almost hit by a car during a fight with a policeman was caught on camera.

31/10/17 00:13

Mongrel Mob gangster Christopher Manuel, 36, admitted to beating a man to death on his wedding day in New Zealand's Far North District, Kaitaia, when he appeared in court on Monday.

30/10/17 11:08

Ezra Baker, from New Zealand, is such a huge fan of the All Blacks rugby team he decided to learn their signature Haka in a bid to be just like his favourite idols.

29/10/17 16:51

Australian and New Zealand sex workers have spoken out about the horrific realities of their job, detailing incidents from physical assault to having glass bottles broken within them.

27/10/17 16:13

Rap superstar Eminem will donate the money he receives as a result of a payout from a New Zealand political party over a copyright breach.

27/10/17 13:44

Deputy prime minister and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce maintains he knew nothing about his New Zealand heritage in the wake of his High Court disqualification from Australia's parliament.

26/10/17 17:33

Jacinda Ardern was sworn in as New Zealand prime minister on Thursday and said she will lead a government that's active, focused, empathetic and strong.

26/10/17 14:21

The Australian real estate market could soon be flooded with overseas investors following New Zealand's recently announced ban on foreign buyers.?

25/10/17 14:30

Labour prime minister-elect Jacinda Ardern said the ban, only applicable to non-residents, will be introduced by Christmas.

25/10/17 12:55

A controversial run-out during a New Zealand cricket game has divided opinion on what is considered acceptable in the 'gentleman's game'.

25/10/17 11:50

A small New Zealand vegan cafe is facing the wrath of beverage giant Coca-Cola over claims it stole its name.

25/10/17 10:36

Eminem will receive compensation after the New Zealand National Party used his song Lose Yourself in a 2014 campaign advertisement. The party must pay $600,000 plus interest.

25/10/17 05:42

A shocking brawl at an Auckland supermarket has been caught on camera, just minutes after two men started fighting in the shop's meat section.

25/10/17 04:06

An angry woman has been filmed abusing an Asian shopkeeper after she claims she was given the incorrect change at a bakery in New Zealand.






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