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Three-months worth of rain to fall in one WEEKEND in Victoria prompting flood warnings after record-breaking heatwave - as Sydney and the east coast brace for storms and wild winds

30/11/17 03:23

30/11/17 02:44

Mother Wendy Watson, originally from the UK but now lives in Melbourne, who needed a seatbelt extension on a flight has opened up about how she dropped six dress sizes without going to the gym.

30/11/17 02:41

Two Mexican men have been arrested over the attempted importation of 300kg of cocaine into Melbourne via air cargo in pallets of cocoa powder.

30/11/17 02:05

A Sunshine Coast couple have become property tycoons overnight after winning three stunning properties totalling $3.4 million in a charity draw.

30/11/17 01:52

Horrific video showing a gang attempting to run?down a mother holding her baby outside their Melbourne home has been released.

30/11/17 01:43

A man is in a critical condition after the car he was driving collided head on with a light pole in Melbourne early Wednesday morning.?

30/11/17 01:37

A Melbourne man accused of killing his partner by drowning her in the bath told police the pair had a suicide pact, but the woman's psychiatrist has given conflicting evidence.

30/11/17 00:46

Nine men are behind bars following early morning raids in Sydney's southwest conducted by heavily armed police targeting drug supply across the city.

29/11/17 22:38

Cancer-stricken girl Bella Allan, from Melbourne, who beat cancer three times has fulfilled her wish by going on a dream holiday with her family to Disneyland.

29/11/17 19:59

She recently confirmed her romance with Neighbours co-star Damien Richardson.

29/11/17 19:06

A hunt is underway for a man who knocked a 72-year-old woman unconscious in broad daylight for her handbag.

29/11/17 18:44

A Muslim woman says she was offered a job as a teenager on the condition she stopped wearing a hijab. Melbourne teacher Inaz Janif says it was a difficult decision to make when she was 18.

29/11/17 18:39

A young Melbourne couple are devastated after dreams of their perfect wedding were crushed by an erupting Bali volcano.

29/11/17 15:14

They've just won The Block 2017.?

29/11/17 13:43

Abigail Forsyth, 46, was inspired to produce reusable coffee cups after watching her first child drink from a sippy cup. Nine years ago she begun UK produced brand KeepCup with her brother.

29/11/17 13:26

The 65-year-old swimmer was hauled out of the pool at Knox Leisureworks centre in Melbourne shortly after 3.30pm on Wednesday but died at the scene.

29/11/17 09:26

He's one of Australia's most successful sporting stars of all time.

28/11/17 23:20

Kristiina Kuett, of Melbourne, bought a scale after she couldn't fit into her summer shorts. It was then she realised how much weight she gained and decided to make a change.

28/11/17 23:17

Wildlife officers in Melbourne have begun a summer of patrols after millions of tourists threaten the safety of St Kilda's penguins.

28/11/17 22:41

She's expecting her first child with her footballer husband Marc Murphy in January.

28/11/17 21:38

A young Somali-Australian accused of plotting an ISIS-inspired New Year's Eve attack on Melbourne was targeted by ASIO because of his links to a radicalised 15-year-old boy who killed Curtis Cheng.

28/11/17 21:14

Armed police officers will be present in shopping centres, supermarkets and festivals in Victoria in order to stop terrorist attacks.

28/11/17 12:01

Ali Khalif Shire Ali, accused of planning a New Year's Eve terror attack on Melbourne, two years ago claimed ASIO tried to recruit him as an informant for $200 a tip, but he turned them down.

28/11/17 11:42

Making friends later in life can become more difficult but the radio hosts behind The Thinkergirls in Sydney and Melbourne, have a solid friendship that was formed in their 20s.

28/11/17 10:28

She's the busy mother who juggles raising four kids with her burgeoning radio career.

28/11/17 09:01

Dramatic images have emerged of the moment a counter-terrorism unit apprehend a?Somali-Australian 'ISIS sympathiser' who was allegedly plotting a major terror attack.

28/11/17 04:13

Somali-Australian man Ali Shire, 20, has been charged with terrorism offences for allegedly planning to shoot 'as many people as he could' in Melbourne 's Federation Square on New Year's Eve.

28/11/17 03:56

A Somali-Australian man, 20, has been arrested after allegedly planning to shoot 'as many people as he could' in Melbourne's Federation Square on New Year's Eve (pictured in 2015).

28/11/17 03:26

Samandeep Singh appeared before Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with culpable driving and dangerous driving causing the death of First Constable D'Arne De Leo.

28/11/17 02:50

She's the Offspring star that purchased a sprawling Victorian country estate with Vincent Fantauzzo, shortly after they wed in 2014.

28/11/17 02:20

Little Fletcher Densley, from Melbourne, has been on the global donor registry since he was?diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome at just three weeks old.

28/11/17 01:41

Pictures of the crash show a maroon sedan stopped in a turning lane on High Street in Epping, with a Melbourne bus stationed behind it.

28/11/17 01:02

Former Bachelor winner Alex Nation, 26, and her girlfriend Maegan Luxa looked like a romance destined to go the distance on Friday, amid rumours they're planning to try for a baby via IVF

27/11/17 22:51

Two grade seven students from the prestigious Melbourne Girls' College, aged just 12 or 13, will not be punished after they were allegedly caught dealing marijuana on school grounds.

27/11/17 22:24

Police have arrested a 20-year-old man who was allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Melbourne on New Year's Eve (stock image).

27/11/17 14:52

Ionic Australian chanteuse Tina Arena stunned in a sleeveless black dress when she performed at the Newcombe Medal awards in Melbourne on Monday

27/11/17 13:29

He's the hard-partying Geordie Shore star, who previously claimed he was kicked off the show due to bad behaviour.

27/11/17 12:51

A Victorian judge has criticised authorities for withholding medical records on the man accused of the Bourke St rampage, which could help determine whether or not he's fit to stand trial.

27/11/17 11:39

She once said she eats dessert every night and is constantly professing her love for chocolate and sweet treats on social media.

27/11/17 11:00

Singer-songwriter Lorde, real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, 21, puts on a hair-raising performance in Melbourne on Sunday.

27/11/17 10:38

A concerned woman has been told off by Asian shoppers when they saw her filming them swarming to buy loads of baby milk formula at a Coles supermarket in Melbourne.

27/11/17 09:54

A Melbourne mayor has been spotted parking in a disabled parking - at the launch of a cafe for people with intellectual disabilities.

27/11/17 09:33

A Melbourne home owner has listed his stunning bushland property for sale - and he wants people to bid with cryptocurrency.

27/11/17 08:57

A mother has claimed her children were made sick by a McDonalds's burger infested with live maggots. Iva Malupo, from Melbourne, filmed live maggots crawling across the leftover burger.

27/11/17 08:40

Gregory Davies, the killer and rapist of Melbourne schoolgirl Kylie Maybury, 6, is a 'marked man' in jail where he will likely die, his lawyer says.

27/11/17 08:34

The naked couple, aged 22 and 25, were caught on camera appearing to have sex on the platform of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne in front of passengers after dancing around a stolen pot plant.

27/11/17 08:29

Hooded thugs terrorised a woman with a hammer after robbing a service station in Melbourne on Sunday. They hit her with a hammer and smashed her phone.

27/11/17 07:43

Usain Bolt reportedly enjoyed a wild night with a British barmaid Gemma Casemore and her Australian friend Stephanie Mal, both 24, during the Melbourne leg of his 'retirement tour'.

27/11/17 07:23

Usain Bolt was spotted leaving a Melbourne club with an blonde Australian marketing graduate and her British friend, both 24, on Friday night.

26/11/17 19:31

Brooke Warne appears to take more after her mother Simone Callahan instead of father Shane in the looks department, as shown by an adorable picture taken on Friday night.

26/11/17 15:09

Childcare director Miranda Boulton, from Melbourne, stitches the chairs by hand in the comfort of her own garage and has made 100 poultry-sized devices since the start of the year.

26/11/17 14:59

The Melbourne man who battled to save a 25-year-old woman who went into cardiac arrest after being hit by lightning is still haunted by her face, saying, 'I'll never get that face out of my mind.'

26/11/17 13:25

The woman who was killed after being struck by lightning in Melbourne has been identified as Lauren Brownlee. Ms Brownlee and her partner Ben Hollow were both struck on Friday night.

26/11/17 12:28

Sydney is sweltering through what is forecast to become the city's hottest end to spring in more than a century. If the trend continues as is predicted - all sorts of records will tumble.

26/11/17 11:48

Fans will be treated to a 'stripped-back' version of Harry Styles's upcoming tour, when he performs two intimate gigs in Sydney and Melbourne beginning on Sunday.

26/11/17 11:41

Georgia Love and boyfriend Lee Elliott found love on The Bachelor, last year.?

26/11/17 10:51

They're the legendary music acts who have been celebrated by Australians for decades.?

26/11/17 01:24

Warm weather and sunshine has sent Australians flocking to the beach - but storm clouds are on their way to spoil it for some.

25/11/17 12:51

She just scored herself a new gig as a reporter for Ten News Melbourne.? And after partying at the network's Christmas party, Georgia Love headed for a run at Melbourne's Tan Track on Saturday.

25/11/17 12:07

A Melbourne motorist thought he was going to die when?a heated road rage exchange resulted in him being violently stabbed in a roadside attack.

25/11/17 11:52

Their relationship has been going from strength to strength since they debuted their romance in August.

25/11/17 11:49

A 32-year-old man accused of the shooting murder of his 42-year-old partner who was left for dead at a Melbourne hospital has failed to front court after withdrawing from heroin and ice.

25/11/17 10:00

Crowds of punters enjoyed a sunny morning before the rain started to fall at the prestigious Ballarat Cup on Saturday, with plenty of racegoers excited to watch the $300,000 race.

24/11/17 22:37

A woman has been killed by a lightning strike as thunderstorms hammered Melbourne overnight. The young couple in their 20s were electrocuted while watching the electrical storm.

24/11/17 19:45

Lucy Mecklenburgh proved her relationship with Ryan Thomas was still going strong when the pair enjoyed a lunch date in Melbourne on Thursday.

24/11/17 13:19

A well-humoured television reporter has shared the hilarious moment she fell over just moments before a live cross in Melbourne.

24/11/17 10:48

The fourth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne has undergone a cast revamp, with publishing powerhouse Sally Bloomfield joining the series.

24/11/17 09:55

A teenage boy has been arrested in Melbourne after his mother claimed he was planning a terrorist attack.

24/11/17 00:19

Police believe a crime spree involving a car jacking and a three car pile-up is linked to the shooting death of a woman found outside a Melbourne hospital.

23/11/17 22:55

A Melbourne woman has unknowingly ingested insect larvae after chowing down on what was supposed to be an indulgent cheat meal.

23/11/17 20:35

A mother who admitted to suffocating her 15-month-old daughter before throwing her body into a suburban Melbourne creek won't be sent to jail.?

23/11/17 20:34

The actions of three quick-thinking Melbourne transport staff have a saved a drunken woman, dragging her out of the way of an oncoming train.

23/11/17 20:16

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne's Gina Liano, 51, has joined the chorus of celebrities condemning predatory behaviour in the entertainment industry.?

23/11/17 20:09

She's the heavily pregnant Balinese princess who's just weeks away from her due date.

23/11/17 15:16

An 18-year-old Melbourne woman has revealed how she lost her independence after being struck down by a mystery illness which took away her ability to move her legs.

23/11/17 15:13

She's the former wife of Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne.?

23/11/17 14:16

A Melbourne disability pensioner charged with funding Islamic State fighters in Syria has been freed on a $50,000 surety.

23/11/17 14:10

Frances Abbott and her fiancé Sam Loch have been spotted leaving his home in Melbourne a day after she caught up with her father, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

23/11/17 13:48

A Melbourne teenage boy spoke out about the moment Aldi manager sent him out of the store because other students from his school were previously been caught shoplifting.

23/11/17 12:36

A blaze at celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's Melbourne restaurant set off sprinklers. The fire sent smoke billowing over the Yarra river.




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