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'Don't focus on me, focus on the Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the UK': Trump lashes out at British PM after she criticized him for retweeting far-Right videos - but he manages to tweet at the WRONG Theresa May

30/11/17 03:33

30/11/17 00:56

A video retweeted by Donald Trump of a Muslim migrant beating up a boy on crutches was today dismissed as fake news by police in the Netherlands who say he is Dutch

30/11/17 00:28

A White House official said Wednesday morning that Trump's tax speech would be 'no nonsense, no drama'; but he went after Claire McCaskill, Hillary Clinton and the 'fake news.'

30/11/17 00:27

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe leader Harold Frazier has forcefully criticized Donald Trump for his Pocahontas comment at a Navajo Code Talkers event on Monday.

30/11/17 00:03

MPs insisted Mr Trump was 'not welcome here' in the wake of the Twitter posts, while the widow of murdered politician Jo Cox accused him of 'spreading hatred'. No 10 said Mr Trump's invite still stands.

29/11/17 22:54

The president took a rhetorical shot at the North Korean dictator on Wednesday, calling him 'a sick puppy' for blasting an intercontinental ballistic missile in Japan's direction.

29/11/17 22:29

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shrugged off suggestions that anti-Muslim videos President Trump spread online Wednesday morning might be fake?– because the 'threat' is real.

29/11/17 21:38

President Donald Trump continues raise private doubts about his loss of the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and blames voter fraud, according to a report on the president's conspiratorial bent.

29/11/17 20:22

President Donald Trump hailed 'Today' show host Matt Lauer's firing by going after MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and dredging up a conspiracy theory about the death of a former Scarborough aide.

29/11/17 18:36

Jayda Fransen, whose Twitter feed is littered with videos and pictures condemning Islam, is sitting on a charge of using threatening and abusive language at a rally in Belfast.

29/11/17 17:51

President Donald Trump today publicly endorsed disgusting, far-right Islamophobia and racism. There is simply no other conclusion to be drawn from his decision to retweet three posts.

29/11/17 15:20

Donald Trump paid $1.375million in 1998 to settle a class action lawsuit involving Polish laborers who demolished a building at the site of Trump Tower.

29/11/17 15:01

The cable news giant says that President Donald Trump's 'continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN' has prompted the network to decline the invite to this year's party at the White House.

29/11/17 14:53

President Donald Trump hailed the strength and bravery of World War II Navajo 'code-talkers' and also mocked Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren as 'Pocahontas.'

29/11/17 14:30

The two top Democrats in Congress abruptly canceled a White House meeting with Trump on Tuesday in response to the president's angry tweet saying he doesn't 'see a deal' with them.

29/11/17 10:09

From Donald Trump greeting a boy who offered to help with the White House's gardening to North Korean soldiers parading, these are Reuters' photos of 2017.

29/11/17 06:17

President Donald Trump had handwritten notes in black marker and all capital letters in front of him on Tuesday when he revealed news of North Korea's latest missile launch.

29/11/17 05:13

Eric Trump attempted to defend his father on Twitter for calling a fellow politician 'Pocahontas' during an event honoring Navajo war veterans and the Internet eviscerated him.

29/11/17 03:57

Families of Navajo war veterans decried comments the president made calling a senator 'Pocahontas' while he was supposed to be honoring them for their service during World War II.

29/11/17 01:27

The students were invited to take part in Journey to a Shared Humanity, an annual event at the State University in California which is designed to make student 'less oppressive'.

29/11/17 00:45

John McCain spoke out against President Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas in front of a group of Navajo code talkers as condemnation mounted, including from Native Americans.

28/11/17 23:24

A federal judge ruled in favor of President Trump on Tuesday in his effort to appoint an acting head of the nation's top financial watchdog agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

28/11/17 22:16

Ivanka Trump's visit to India has been complicated sex harassment allegations against her father, President Donald Trump, and a Republican seeking a seat in the Senate.

28/11/17 21:47

After?Melania Trump?unveiled the White House's spectacular Christmas decorations Monday, some people were quick to point out one piece that could have been done away with.

28/11/17 20:04

The hosts of 'Access Hollywood' lashed out at Donald Trump on Monday after reports surfaced claiming the President does not believe the recordings are authentic.

28/11/17 19:45

Rep. Luis Guttierez, who just before Thanksgiving filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, is ending his own career in Congress.

28/11/17 18:54

The 2016 Democratic nominee for president blasted the White House and the Chinese government for their increasingly hard-line plan of attack on Pyongyang.

28/11/17 18:42

In a tweet Tuesday, President Trump pushed back against a report that said the first lady never wanted the job and, more importantly, didn't think her husband would win.

28/11/17 16:16

Alec Baldwin mixed his Emmy-winning impression of President Donald Trump and the advocacy of a serious Democratic activist Monday, headlining a state party banquet in Des Moines.

28/11/17 13:36

The president resumed attacking the NFL, saying the league is 'weak and out of control' for allowing players to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem without any consequences.

28/11/17 12:44

Actress Arianne Zucker said she couldn't see how the infamous Access Hollywood tape could be fake after Donald Trump allegedly told aides that was not an authentic recording.

28/11/17 11:42

Last year, the US leader acknowledged it was him apologized in the hours after it surfaced in October 2016, but now he appears to be throwing it on the ever-growing pile of what he considers fake news.

28/11/17 11:37

Republican leaders trying to reach majority support for their tax cut after Montana GOP Sen. Steve Daines raised concerns about how it would affect 'Main Street.'

28/11/17 10:54

On Monday, the Trump family debuted their holiday card, which wishes Americans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, instead of the generic, more politically correct, 'Happy Holidays.'

28/11/17 09:10

It has not yet been decided whether the proposed ban would apply to all staff in the executive office of President Trump - and the potential effect on Trump's own devices is unclear.

28/11/17 02:15

On Monday, Michael Flynn's lawyer met with members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team amid speculation that President Trump's former national security adviser is etching out a deal.

28/11/17 01:19

The owners of Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama, a massive luxury hotel, are trying to strip Donald Trump's name from the property and fire its management over profit struggles.

27/11/17 23:09

Mick Mulvaney, the White House's budget director, went early to the office of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington D.C. after he was named acting director by the president last week.

27/11/17 23:09

Trump mocked Franken as 'Frankenstein' after a photo emerged of Franken groping a sleeping woman after a USO tour – but has steered clear of calling for him to resign.

27/11/17 23:08

Baier was seen with the president, and golfer Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara, in a photo posted to Instagram, captioned: 'Fun with POTUS! And THE Nicklaus's, and the Baiers,' by Clio Lipton.

27/11/17 19:54

Melania Trump?didn't want the job of being first lady and didn't ever expect to be in the position she now finds herself in, according to a new in-depth report about her adjustment to her public role.

27/11/17 19:20

Trump isn't taking his foot off the gas as he trashes major media outlets that he sees as biased against him. 'We should have a contest,' he tweeted.

27/11/17 19:01

Jared Kushner was seen alongside Jordan's King Abdullah, a mainstay of U.S. peace efforts and a significant regional ally, outside the Jordanian ambassador's residence Monday in Washington.

27/11/17 18:56

President Trump quoted a tweet from Director of Social Media Dan Scavino on Monday morning that called the program's obviously pre-taped episode on Friday 'fake news.'

27/11/17 18:56

Moore stands accused of fondling a 14-year-old girl decades ago, and of trying to 'date' other teen girls who were above the age of consent in Alabama when he was in his thirties.

27/11/17 17:08

President Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany appears to have skipped the family's Thanksgiving feast at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday in favor of spending the holiday with her mother.

27/11/17 16:31

Former US Ryder Cup player Brad Faxon teamed up with Trump against Woods and top-ranked Dustin Johnson at the president's golf club in Jupiter, Florida on Friday for a friendly 18 holes.

27/11/17 15:36

Outspoken actress Susan Sarandon, 71, faces fierce criticism from the left after she voted for independent candidate Jill Stein in the US election.

27/11/17 13:00

Sarah Huckabee Sanders joked how her life had turned into an episode of the West Wing, but actor Bradley Whitford replied: 'I know C.J. Gregg.?C.J. Gregg is a friend of mine. You're no?C.J. Gregg,'

27/11/17 12:23

Trump was accompanied by the First Lady and their son Barron as they boarded Air Force One in the afternoon after leaving his?Mar-A-Lago club in Palm Beach.

27/11/17 10:00

CNN continued its feud with President Donald Trump by revealing that, just in his first year in office, he could triple former president Barack Obama's time on the golf course.

27/11/17 09:33

As President Trump boarded Air Force One to head back to D.C. after spending his Thanksgiving holiday at the 'winter White House,' he sent out a quick tweet acknowledging a job well done.

26/11/17 23:27

This startling, eyewitness nugget comes courtesy of former US Ryder Cup player Brad Faxon, who teamed up with the fourth member of the group — US President Donald Trump

26/11/17 20:32

President Donald Trump wrote that CNN is doing a terrible job of representing the United States to the world - claiming that Fox News really has Americans' best interests at heart.

26/11/17 17:51

On Sunday, President Trump used some bombastic language to describe Democrat Doug Jones, in his latest showing of support for embattled Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore.

26/11/17 17:50

Donald Trump is reportedly angry at Ivanka for slamming Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by several women that while in his 30s he molested or harassed teenage girls.

26/11/17 15:02

A man driving a red van tried to cut into President Donald Trump's motorcade in Florida on Saturday and then made an obscene gesture after he was pulled over by law enforcement.

26/11/17 00:02

The Trump administration appointed an interim head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just hours after the outgoing director named a successor.

25/11/17 22:08

The US President took to Twitter late on Friday to claim that Time Magazine was planning on making him their Person of the Year again.

25/11/17 12:08

Christopher Stevens reviews last night's TV starting with Trump: An American Dream (C4), an engrossing four-part biography. He also takes a look at BBC1's Love, Lies and Records.

25/11/17 11:48

President Donald Trump has told Turkey's president that the United States will cut off its supply of arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria.

25/11/17 09:34

President Donald Trump says he turned down an interview and photo shoot for Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' issue.

25/11/17 00:37

SPOILER ALERT Jordan Peele used one of the lines from his likely soon-to-be-Oscar-nominated Get Out screenplay to troll Tiger Woods on Friday after he went golfing with President Trump.

24/11/17 23:37

President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the welfare system, apparently in favor of a more restrictive policy. He says 'people are taking advantage of the system.'

24/11/17 22:51

The Trump Pence campaign told supporters that the president 'has a GREAT DEAL for you!' in a text announcing online Black Friday savings at its online Trump Store.

24/11/17 21:52

The attackers are thought to be part of an ISIS cell operating inside Egypt, which is not among the nations covered by the Trump-ordered ban that's tied up in federal court.

24/11/17 19:01

President Donald Trump heads to the Senate next week to try to cheer on a bill to slash taxes by $1.4 trillion over a decade that has hit resistance from several Republican senators.

24/11/17 18:56

Billy Baldwin, 54, blasted Donald Trump on Thursday with an incriminating tweet, adding to the numerous sexual allegations against the current President.

24/11/17 17:53

Corey Lewandowski said Friday morning that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference won't reach the Oval Office.

24/11/17 17:45

The president played at his own Trump National Golf Club in the Florida town of Jupiter, with PGA pros?Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Brad Faxon.

24/11/17 15:33

In a 6am Twitter rant, he retweeted a post by assistant Dan Scarvino which linked to a Brietbart article criticizing Vernon. He said: 'The Commissioner has lost control'.

24/11/17 15:12

Jared Kushner has been left unnerved by the increasingly wide scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, according to a report.

24/11/17 15:07

Russia slammed President Donald Trump on Thursday for his 'PR move' decision to put North Korea on America's terror blacklist.

24/11/17 11:56

Paul Manafort made at least 18 trips to Moscow and over 100 visits to Ukraine where he met with associates connected with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was reported on Thursday.

24/11/17 11:12

'We are still in a stalemate,' four-star general John Nicholson Jr. said from Kandahar airfield on Thursday. 'We are only 90 days into this new policy but we've set all the conditions to win'.

24/11/17 07:00

Michael Flynn's legal team has told President Trump's attorney they will no longer discuss Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference - a sign he is cooperating, claim insiders.

24/11/17 00:21

LaVar Ball's feud with President Donald Trump has actually paid off as his Big Baller Brand sees $13.2 million worth of free digital and TV ads within the last week.

23/11/17 23:06

A secret operation by Israeli special forces in Syria found out that ISIS terrorists were working on transforming laptops into bombs. Donald Trump controversially told Russia about the intel.

23/11/17 22:00

The writer behind Donald Trump's New York Times best-selling book 'The Art of the Deal' claims the President is both afraid and captivated by black people.

23/11/17 20:32

President Donald Trump in his Thanksgiving Day address to the nation has suggested that enthusiasm in America is at an all time high right now.




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