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'Leave my child out of this!' Pregnant CNN host fires back at Roy Moore spokesperson who says Moore's Democrat opponent wants to kill her unborn baby

05/12/17 18:10

02/12/17 13:50

Police officer Ryan Holets has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has adopted an opioid-addicted mother's newborn baby who he met on patrol. The baby's name is Hope.

01/12/17 06:39

The State Department warned the White House that the President's anti-Muslim tweets could endanger US embassies around the world.?

30/11/17 17:45

The former White House intern whose affair with then-President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment has a message for the world – don’t call it the ‘Monica Lewinsky scandal.’

30/11/17 14:24

CNN has fired Teddy Davis (pictured) after a 'comprehensive investigation.' A source said the claims related only to making employees feel uncomfortable rather than physical abuse.

30/11/17 00:57

A male former aide to Rep. John Conyers has pooh-poohed claims by female lawyer Melanie Sloan that the Democrat invited her to a meeting while he was in his underwear.

29/11/17 15:01

The cable news giant says that President Donald Trump's 'continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN' has prompted the network to decline the invite to this year's party at the White House.

28/11/17 12:44

Actress Arianne Zucker said she couldn't see how the infamous Access Hollywood tape could be fake after Donald Trump allegedly told aides that was not an authentic recording.

27/11/17 10:00

CNN continued its feud with President Donald Trump by revealing that, just in his first year in office, he could triple former president Barack Obama's time on the golf course.

26/11/17 20:32

President Donald Trump wrote that CNN is doing a terrible job of representing the United States to the world - claiming that Fox News really has Americans' best interests at heart.

23/11/17 22:00

The writer behind Donald Trump's New York Times best-selling book 'The Art of the Deal' claims the President is both afraid and captivated by black people.

22/11/17 23:45

Kelley Paul, Sen. Rand Paul's wife, shamed the media in an op-ed for CNN and updated the world on her husband's condition, after he was attacked by a neighbor earlier this month.

22/11/17 21:44

The senator told the story differently a day after the Nov. 7 meeting, and joked that he recommend the tactic, but didn't claim Cohn took him up on it.

22/11/17 18:38

It's up to Alabama voters to decide whether Moore is elected, but Americans have already come to a decision that he should not be seated. Al Franken is also coming under pressure to resign.

22/11/17 15:17

Donald Trump has launched a personal attack on LaVar Ball calling him 'a poor man's version of Don King, but without the hair.'

22/11/17 14:50

The second woman who came forward to accuse Minnesota Sen. Al Franken of inappropriate touching sat down for her first television interview on Wednesday.

22/11/17 12:34

Dylan Byers has come under fire for his 'disgusting' tweet bemoaning the 'talent drain' that he believes the recent allegations of sexual harassment have caused in the media.

21/11/17 23:23

President Donald Trump once again blasted a deal to have AT&T buy Time Warner, saying it would cause prices to go up for consumers – but says he won't 'get involved.'

21/11/17 14:46

LaVar Ball continued his feud with President Donald Trump by questioning his role in releasing his son from China on Monday on CNN Tonight.

20/11/17 22:45

The president campaigned on a promise to stop the long-rumored media merger, citing it last year as 'an example of the power structure I'm fighting.'

20/11/17 18:14

A second woman has accused Minnesota Sen. Al Franken of inappropriate touching.

18/11/17 21:55

Things got pretty heated Friday morning on The View during a conversation about the recent wave of sexual harassment scandals, with joy Behar going after Meghan McCain.

15/11/17 16:21

President Donald got up early after a long flight back from Asia and immediately went after 'loser' CNN, saying he had to watch the network while in the Philippines.

15/11/17 11:17

‘Trump finds success in Asia’ screamed the CNN headline. Wait, WHAT? But what else could my old network say? By any yardstick, Trump’s 12-day tour has been a resounding triumph.

13/11/17 15:15

Trenton Garmon, who represents Moore, had appeared on Lemon's show on Friday to discuss allegations his client? made unwanted sexual advances towards a 14-year-old.

13/11/17 09:37

Mnuchin pointed out Sunday that the complexity of the tax code makes predicting every scenario impossible, adding that Republicans in the House and Senate want to simplify the code.

12/11/17 14:16

In a meeting earlier this year, Jared Kushner asked a media executive to terminate CNN staff members over their faulty 2016 election coverage.

12/11/17 11:23

The parents of a young woman addicted to heroin were not sure their daughter was alive until they saw a segment on CNN about homeless addicts in Boston.

10/11/17 23:31

Rupert Murdoch telephoned AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson twice in the last six months and talked about cable network CNN.

10/11/17 10:48

Miller was quizzed about a number of issues, including his role in the?firing of FBI director James Comey among other matters, sources say.

10/11/17 00:37

AT&T Inc will not sell cable network CNN to get approval for taking over its parent company Time Warner, the mobile giant's CEO said Thursday, saying he would go to court if needed.

08/11/17 22:37

The Department of Justice is pushing AT&T to sell assets or come up with other ways of satisfying antitrust concerns over its purchase of Time Warner, who own CNN which Trump calls fake new.s

06/11/17 13:56

In the hours after the Texas church shooting, Congressman Vicente Gonzalez of Texas erroneously reported the Texas church shooter was named Sam Hyde - who is an alt-right meme.

03/11/17 23:33

Media Rights Capital told CNN on Thursday that during the filming of the show's first season there was a complaint made about 'a specific remark and gesture' made by Kevin Spacey.

03/11/17 02:40

Jared Kushner has handed over documents to Robert Mueller's probe it was revealed Thursday - as the special counsel lasers in on the firing of James Comey.

01/11/17 22:23

Two of Russia's TU-95MS Bear aircraft approached the USS Ronald Reagan in the Sea of Japan Sunday and ended up being escorted away by a pair of US Navy F/A-18 Hornets.

01/11/17 17:15

Protesters interrupted CNN's live broadcast from the scene of the New York terror attack which left eight people dead to chant 'fake news' and wave a banner saying 'CNN is ISIS'.

31/10/17 10:14

Andy Cohen explained why he said he didn't know Kathy Griffin. The 49-year-old said he was imitating Mariah Carey's famous quote to 'avoid getting involved with the paps.'

29/10/17 16:34

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday that the person who leaked that charges had been filed in the Mueller probe could face charges of their own.

29/10/17 01:49

She is at war with Andy Cohen. And Kathy Griffin said during a YouTube video she uploaded on Friday that the Bravo executive and host allegedly offered her cocaine.

29/10/17 00:47

He was executive producer of her six-season reality show?Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List.

26/10/17 16:49

Emails establish a link between a data firm linked to the campaign of President Donald Trump and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a plea for Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

26/10/17 08:19

Don Lemon has received a barrage of racist death threats from a white nationalist Donald Trump supporter who targeted the CNN anchor on Twitter.

26/10/17 08:14

Ri Yong Pil, a senior North Korean foreign minister, has warned that a possible atmospheric nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean should be taken 'literally'.

25/10/17 20:33

Hillary Clinton's former campaign spokesman says the candidate 'may have' known about her campaign's funding of the infamous dossier of on rival Donald Trump.

25/10/17 03:00

The CNN anchor was fighting back tears as he made an emotional plea to the president to 'please stop' the abuse towards Mrs Johnson and demanded that he apologize.

24/10/17 04:36

Hanks actor knocked the president's response to the controversy over the comments he allegedly made to a Gold Star Widow last week - calling it 'one of the biggest c**k-ups on the planet Earth.'

20/10/17 19:51

After calling off an expedition earlier this year, the Malaysian government along with a private company are close to resuming the search for MH370 which went missing in March 2014.

19/10/17 14:04

'"Low" would be sexually harassing staffers and then getting fired for it -- humiliated in front of the world. Now THAT would be low,' wrote Jake Tapper after Bill O'Reilly mocked his ratings.

18/10/17 01:54

A CNN political reporter has come under fire for a tweet mocking polio survivor Sen. Mitch McConnell as he held hands with Trump after a press conference in the Rose Garden.

15/10/17 20:59

With a little probing, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responded to Sen. Bob Corker's complaint that he had been 'castrated' by President Trump on the world stage.

11/10/17 15:39

New documents given to CNN are supposed to show that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was focused on having a conversation with Donald Trump Jr about sanctions, not Hillary Clinton.

09/10/17 23:35

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel said there was just no comparing President Trump to Hollwood producer Harvey Weinstein, who's accused of sexual harassment.

06/10/17 05:40

US investigators have met with a former British spy who compiled a salacious dossier on President Donald Trump's alleged campaign ties to Russia, CNN reported on Thursday.

05/10/17 18:39

Donald Trump Jr. will likely testify in public this fall about a 2016 meeting he attended with campaign officials and a lawyer who turned out to have Kremlin connections.

04/10/17 02:41

Taylor Benge, who attended the Route 91 country music festival, revealed in an interview that his brush with death on Sunday made him find God.

02/10/17 00:39

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel L.?Honoré, credited for getting the relief efforts on track in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, mocked President Trump's criticism of San Juan's mayor.

02/10/17 00:16

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who made income inequality one of his top talking points on the presidential campaign trail last year, is no fan of the Republicans' proposed tax reforms.

27/09/17 00:34

The latest development in the special counsel sprawling Russia investigation has brought him to the door of the Internal Revenue Service, and tax authorities there are helping.

25/09/17 01:24

Preet Bharara said Sunday that he believed Special Counsel Robert Mueller would leave no stone unturned, including looking into whether President Trump obstructed justice.

21/09/17 00:51

The senator behind Republicans' latest effort to repeal and replace the Obamacare law has fired back at Jimmy after the late night TV host called him a liar.

19/09/17 18:29

Government investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the months before and after the election, according to two sensational report.

19/09/17 07:32

Maria Evelia Cabrera-Gutierrez allegedly kidnapped her two-year-old son, Daniel Markus (pictured), from Berks County, Pennsylvania in November 2014.

14/09/17 06:08

Ted Cruz has addressed his past views on bedroom etiquette that resurfaced after his Twitter account 'liked' a pornographic video.?

01/09/17 22:10

The 60-second TV spot for the freestanding walking stick was shown at 9.30pm PT Thursday, immediately after a CNN Newsroom anchor reported on the rising number of deaths.

30/08/17 20:14

Drew Griffin was just about to start a live cross for CNN on Wednesday when the driver accidentally drove into a flooded ravine in Beaumont, Texas right behind him.

30/08/17 09:12

A Houston mother and victim of Hurricane Harvey shouted at CNN correspondent Rosa Flores on live television after she had just arrived at a shelter in Houston, Texas, with her two kids.

24/08/17 16:14

President Donald Trump returned fire against Obama-era intelligence chief James Clapper on Thursday morning, accusing the former spy of perjuring himself in testimony to Congress.

23/08/17 19:31

The woman who was targeted by Louise Linton after she criticized her Instagram post on Monday is speaking out against the wife Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a new interview.

23/08/17 18:00

The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper questioned President Trump's fitness for office on the heels of his rant-filled screed of a speech in Phoenix Tuesday night.

15/08/17 21:56

President Trump retweeted an image Tuesday morning of 'CNN' being run over by 'the Trump train,' days after a woman was killed by a car driven by a white supremacist.

14/08/17 23:46

CNN's Jim Acosta, known as one of Donald Trump's most vocal opponents on cable news, tangled with the president on Monday, claiming he has 'spread a lot of fake news' from the Oval Office.

11/08/17 08:31

Conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord was fired by CNN on Thursday after he tweeted a Nazi salute at the head of a liberal advocacy group.

10/08/17 02:08

Kansas gym, Element Fitness, has removed all cable news networks, such as CNN and Fox News, from its television monitors after members started quarreling with one another over US politics.

07/08/17 23:42

Former CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany announced her departure Saturday and turned up Sunday delivering a 'real news' broadcast from Trump Tower.

05/08/17 16:34

Acting on tips from eagle-eyed viewers of the program, US Marshals apprehended Dean Albert 'Dino' Curcio on Thursday in Deer Park, Illinois, a suburban community northwest of Chicago.

03/08/17 11:59

White House aide Stephen Miller labeled an immigration policy question by CNN's Jim Acosta: 'outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish' during a briefing room spat.

02/08/17 03:07

The Manchester-based hoaxer has also duped Labour MP Dianne Abbott and?Bank of England chief Mark Carney - and says he tricks officials from his bedroom while watching Netflix.

01/08/17 21:37

A prankster who successfully snared Anthony Scaramucci in a spear phishing scheme told 'Trump I think is drunk on power. (I) don't like his sons killing animals either.'

01/08/17 20:03

White House chief of staff John Kelly was so upset with how Trump handled former FBI director James Comey's dismissal that he considered resigning from his post as the secretary of homeland security.




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