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Trump promises MORE sanctions on North Korea after it fired missile which could hit ANYWHERE in the world and says he held crisis talk with China's president over threat

29/11/17 15:53

29/11/17 15:02

The new NATO global trends report shows a higher risk of major interstate war than that compiled in 2013, naming artificial intelligence, China and Russia as some of the risk factors.

29/11/17 04:03

Former President Barack Obama is re-emerging on the global stage with a three-country tour that includes meetings with the leaders of China and India.

29/11/17 02:19

Bill Shorten has put Labor senator Sam Dastyari on notice after reports he warned a well-known Chinese political donor that his phone might be tapped.

29/11/17 02:17

The heartwarming clip of the tiny animals was taken in Fuzhou City in China's southeastern Fujian Province. The partially sighted shrews cling onto each other to make sure no-one gets left behind.

28/11/17 21:52

The stunning Angels dressed to impress and shared their favorite looks from the runway for the VS x BALMAIN event at Saks Fifth Avenue ahead of the premier of the show airing tonight on CBS.

28/11/17 19:08

Stunning footage of what looks like three suns appearing in the sky has stunned residents in northern China. Such phenomenon is known as 'sun dog' and is an optical illusion.

28/11/17 18:54

The 2016 Democratic nominee for president blasted the White House and the Chinese government for their increasingly hard-line plan of attack on Pyongyang.

28/11/17 18:22

Zhang Yang, once a prominent Chinese general who was under investigation for corruption, committed suicide on November 23, China's state media said on Tuesday.

28/11/17 18:15

This is the shocking moment a delivery driver was showered by broken glass as a door suddenly shattered in a restaurant in south-east China. He was left dumbfounded holding the door handle.

28/11/17 16:40

Sun Jianfeng, the President of China's largest private air carrier Hainan Airlines,?was the captain of the11-hour flight which flew from Beijing to Chicago on November 21.

28/11/17 16:19

Disturbing footage circulating on the Chinese internet shows the toddler taking puffs and playing with the cigarette while a male family member praised him in front of onlookers.

28/11/17 12:46

A Chinese man has claimed that the capital city could improve its air quality if residents use handheld fans to blow smog in the same direction simultaneously. He's applied patent for the idea.

28/11/17 10:47

China's state broadcaster has revealed video footage of its armies testing the nation's most powerful nuclear missile. DF-41 is said to have the longest range of any ballistic rockets worldwide.

28/11/17 04:30

Last Monday they hit the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. But by this Monday, Martha Hunt and Josephine Skriver - both of whom are Angels for the brand - were stateside.

27/11/17 19:25

CCTV footage captures the moment a cement mixer fell into a 23ft deep hole on a construction site as the ground collapsed in south-east China. The driver He was reported to have bone fractures.

27/11/17 16:17

The brothers, from Nazuo Township in China's southern Guangxi Zhuang, were headed to the nearest large city Baise, where they believed their mother and father worked.

27/11/17 15:39

Another kindergarten teacher in China has been accused of piercing pupils with needles. This is the second time in the past week a preschool in Beijing has been accused of abusing pupils.

27/11/17 13:14

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A man in China has miraculously survived after a steel bar speared into his head. The victim was walking under a construction site the incident happened.

27/11/17 10:50

A company exclusively selling Australian products to China could spell the end of supermarkets being drained of baby formula by 'daigou' shoppers.

27/11/17 10:25

A tiger broke out of its cage during a popular circus performance in China on Saturday. The animal ran into a large crowd of spectators before biting two children, reported Chinese media.

27/11/17 10:07

Josephine Skriver was ready to relaxing following a stunning appearance on the runway of Shanghai, China during the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show spectacular shot Monday.

26/11/17 22:37

Kelly Gale has made a triumphant homecoming, touching down in Australia on Wednesday after strutted her stuff on the Victoria's Secret runway in Shanghai.

26/11/17 18:07

The blast in Ningbo, south of Shanghai in China, knocked down buildings and left streets littered with damaged cars and debris, though it is not clear at this stage what caused the massive explosion.

25/11/17 17:06

Security guards installed a cordon at the gate of the RYB Education New World kindergarten in Beijing after furious parents had gathered in front of the gate to demand answers.

25/11/17 12:56

This is the moment a cunning thief was able to pickpocket a woman's phone in broad daylight using nothing more than a pair of forceps in China.

25/11/17 06:24

The supermodel, 21, wasn't suffering from any turkey bloat as she posed in her underwear in a sizzling throwback snap from this week's annual presentation on Friday morning.

24/11/17 20:00

A dog-snatching gang have been arrested for stealing, killing and selling pooches in eastern China. CCTV footage shows one member of the gang shooting a dart into a dog on November 14.

24/11/17 19:07

Chinese experts said the well-equipped washrooms, dating about 2,300 years old, were a part of an imperial palace. They were fitted with exquisite tiles and sophisticated sewage system.

24/11/17 14:15

A college student in China has reportedly thrown her newborn baby out of the window of her dorm room after giving birth in secret. The mother was confirmed to be a 19-year-old girl from Xi'an.

24/11/17 08:38

Phil and Emma Whiting spent three weeks aboard 16 different trains, travelling through Europe, across Russia, into Mongolia, then onto Beijing and finally Hong Kong.

24/11/17 03:21

The lingerie model, 29, is back and ready to join the rest of the Victoria's Secret models in Shanghai, China, for the annual VSFS

24/11/17 00:21

LaVar Ball's feud with President Donald Trump has actually paid off as his Big Baller Brand sees $13.2 million worth of free digital and TV ads within the last week.

23/11/17 20:44

China today released two young giant pandas back to nature after giving them survival training for two years. Male Ba Xi and female Ying Xue are both two years old and were born in captivity.

23/11/17 20:13

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Rescuers had to pry a bicycle lever from a child's nose after the young boy used his breaks too suddenly and hit the handlebars in a freak accident in China.

23/11/17 18:44

The footage captures the woman stopping her car in front of a crossing to support the disabled man in east China on November 17. The clip has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

23/11/17 15:17

An elderly man nearly had his hand bitten off by a circus tiger yesterday in China. Horrifying footage shows the man trying to feed the hungry animal in the cage before being mauled on a street.

23/11/17 15:14

WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT A man in south-west China tortured a tiny rat after catching it stealing his bread. He filmed the horrifying process and claimed rats deserved to be punished.

23/11/17 14:31

Michael Simpson, 34, was knifed in the neck and back by his Chinese ex-wife Wei-Wei Fu during the violent domestic row in his apartment in Shanghai.

23/11/17 13:42

WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT 'Eyeball shaving' is a traditional treatment and is popular in China. Barber uses a blade to scrape along customers' eyelids to remove dirt and impurities.

23/11/17 12:56

A mother in China has killed herself because her son's fiancée was too short, according to a government statement. The 47-year-old woman's corpse was found on November 17 in a river.

23/11/17 11:48

The Angels proved that any street can be a catwalk during their ultra-stylish off-duty time in Shanghai, China.

23/11/17 11:38

It seems like he's not Abel to get by without her. The 27-year-old singer, real name Abel Tesfaye, wooed his on/off again squeeze while she walked in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

23/11/17 11:36

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Horrific footage shows donkeys being bashed on the head with a sledgehammer before being stabbed before they are skinned to make Chinese medicine.

23/11/17 11:11

This is the miraculous moment a man survived being hit when a huge scaffolding structure suddenly collapsed onto a busy road in China today. He managed to dodge the debris by inches.

23/11/17 05:09

One day before the taping of the annual lingerie runway presentation, the models stepped out for the Mercedes-Benz Backstage Secrets By Russell James book launch and Shanghai Exhibit Opening Party.

23/11/17 00:18

Donald Trump has been mocked on Twitter for claiming that he pulled three young US basketball players out of Chinese jail for shoplifting, as they actually spent their time in a plush hotel.

22/11/17 23:59

Australia faces threats from China's growing military and 'battle-hardened' terrorists returning home from conflict zones 'primed to conduct attacks'.

22/11/17 22:51

Actor LeVar Burton, best known for playing blind engineer Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, has been receiving hate mail intended for basketball dad LaVar Ball.

22/11/17 22:09

Chinese leaker, Ice Universe has posted a series of tweets about the Samsung Galaxy S9 this week, and suggests that the back of the device could radically change.

22/11/17 21:48

Smartphone maker Apple and its biggest manufacturing partner have said that a small number of students were discovered working overtime in its Chinese factory, violating local labour laws.

22/11/17 20:51

A man in China has narrowly escaped death twice in almost as many seconds?after a out-of-control car came hurtling towards him. CCTV footage captures the moment in Huludao City.

22/11/17 18:11

An extremely rare giant salamander has been found trapped inside a waste pipe at a village house in China. Wu Shuying, 51, said her husband was replacing a blocked pipe at the time.

22/11/17 15:49

They are three of the most sought after lingerie models. And Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge, and Elsa Hosk proved their worth as they posed together in Shanghai on Friday.

22/11/17 15:44

Farmers in China have caught up with the country's booming drone trend and started using unmanned aircraft to spray pesticide. A group of them even started a business with their new vehicles.

22/11/17 15:17

Donald Trump has launched a personal attack on LaVar Ball calling him 'a poor man's version of Don King, but without the hair.'

22/11/17 14:57

She's just made her debut in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.?

22/11/17 14:51

The model recently strut her stuff at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And Georgia Fowler continued to parade her enviable physique as she attended an exclusive Balmain dinner this week.

22/11/17 14:27

China's social media platform Tencent has become bigger than its more famous US rival Facebook and it is the first firm in China to surpass the $500 billion valuation mark.

22/11/17 13:30

Traffic policemen in China saved two toddlers who were running towards traffic on a busy road. The pair had escaped from a pre-school education centre when their teachers were minding other pupils.

22/11/17 12:59

She suffered every model's worst nightmare on Monday, when she took a nasty tumble in front of thousands at the eagerly-anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in China.

22/11/17 12:27

The 36-year-old supermodel announced her retirement from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this week after her 17th walk down the runway for the brand in Shanghai, on Monday.

22/11/17 11:45

The 36-year-old model showed off her incredible physique in a black ruffled dress with see-through detailing with studded boots as she attended the Balmain fashion bash in Shanghai on Tuesday.

22/11/17 08:18

Benedict Allen, 57, who had no mobile phone or GPS device with him, was picked up by a helicopter crew hired by the Mail three weeks after he left Heathrow airport bound for the jungle.

21/11/17 22:16

Apple has removed several apps including Skype, Microsoft Corp's internet phone call and messaging service, from its app store in China after the country's government pointed to violations.

21/11/17 19:59

He's the eccentric son of Richard Wilkins, known as much for his fashion-forward outfits as he is his self-deprecating humour.

21/11/17 19:09

Two Chinese panda keepers pretended they were the black-and-white animals after being sent to catch two bears. They were trying to find Baxi and Yingxue, which were said to be 'shrewd'.

21/11/17 18:34

When GAC Motor was preparing to enter the US market in 2010 it foresaw challenges in product localization and regulation, but didn't see any issue with the name of its flagship brand.

21/11/17 18:14

The American beauty looked in high spirits as she was spotted at Shanghai's airport on Tuesday. The 28-year-old cut a less glamorous figure in a double-breasted navy coat.

21/11/17 17:54

The beauty made for a leggy display as she slipped into a chic structured mini dress to rub shoulders with the Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing.

21/11/17 17:22

Ming Xi, a famous model in China, has apologised to her country after yesterday falling down on the runway of?the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

21/11/17 15:49

Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro blinged up the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in Shanghai yesterday by wearing a £1.8 million gold Fantasy Bra.

21/11/17 15:32

The 31-year-old model put on an emotional display and moaned she had 'let down my fans' for not appearing in the lingerie show as the camera caught a quick glance of her slyly cutting onions.

21/11/17 15:23

A mother and her son have become unlikely celebrities after being separated at a subway station in China. CCTV video of the pair's reunion has become viral.

21/11/17 14:46

LaVar Ball continued his feud with President Donald Trump by questioning his role in releasing his son from China on Monday on CNN Tonight.

21/11/17 14:40

The Dongfeng-41 missile (pictured) will be finished in the first half of 2018, according to state media, after successful tests in an undisclosed location in the Western desert area.

21/11/17 12:49

Professor Ren Xiaoping, 56, claimed what he and his team had completed was the 'first surgical model' for human head transplant - not an operation. He spoke at a press conference today.

21/11/17 12:43

There to see daughter Bella, 21, walk for a second time in the annual lingerie parade, the property mogul brought along his younger wife Shiva Safai, 36, for a star-studded turn out.

21/11/17 12:37

Two ancient tombs uncovered in Qingyuan County, in China's Zhejiang province, belong to a high-ranking dynasty counsellor named Lord Hu Hong and his wife née Wu.

21/11/17 11:37

Ms Yang's seven-storey building was the only house left on a plot earmarked in 2010 for the construction of a new train station in China. The building was knocked down on November 16.




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