'Ooh s***!': College football player KNOCKS OUT his own teammate with one punch

  • Georgia Tech defensive back Step Durham can be seen sending teammate and fellow defensive back Lance Austin to the floor with a single punch
  • The video was supposedly recorded before a spring practice?
  • After seeing his unconscious teammate on the ground, Durham attempts to pick up Austin and revive him before the video ends?
  • Georgia Tech claimed discipline was handled internally?
  • Neither player was suspended during the 2017 season?

Video has emerged of a Georgia Tech football player knocking out a teammate with a single punch.

The footage, which is reportedly six-months old, was recorded at the Yellow Jackets’ practice facility and depicts Georgia Tech defensive back Step Durham knocking out fellow senior defensive back Lance Austin.

Austin can be seen stepping up to Durham with his arms at his sides when Durham winds up and knocks out his teammate with a right hook, as seen in the video released by TMZ.?

Afterwards Durham attempts to lift up Austin, who fell to the floor with his head slung over the legs of a chair that had been knocked over.

The cameraman can be heard yelling 'ooh s***!' before someone else in the room tells him to 'stop recording.'?

The cause of the fight remains unknown.

Georgia Tech confirmed to that the school was aware of the incident and discipline was handled internally.

Neither player was suspended at any point during the 2017 season. Austin has played in all 11 Georgia Tech games while Durham missed only the Week 8 matchup with Virginia.

It’s unclear what discipline the players received, if any.

The Yellow Jackets finished 5-6 on the season.

Austin ranked second on the team with 56 total tackles and added an interception to boot. Durham finished with 30 tackles and an interception of his own.

There have been no reports of any further incidents between the two players.?

Following Saturday's season finale, Austin tweeted out thanks to the program: 'Thank you Georgia Tech for these past four years!!'?

Austin's twin brother and Yellow Jackets teammate Lawrence also showed his appreciate in a tweet.?

'Thank you Georgia Tech for everything!!!' he wrote. 'I've made many great relationships and have enjoyed my time here on the Flats. Thank you!'

The Austin brothers and Durham were part of a Georgia Tech secondary that returned five starters from the 2016 campaign and was expected to be one of the best defensive backfields in the country.?

The group appears to have been close at one time.?

Lawrence Austin even tweeted out a picture of himself, brother Lance and Durham on April 17, when the team was immersed in spring practices. The fight likely occurred around this time.?

Lance Austin (left) was knocked out by teammate Step Durham (right) before a spring practice

Step Durham (No. 8) knocks the ball away from Virginia Tech wide receiver Eric Kumah?

Step Durham (No. 8) knocks the ball away from Virginia Tech wide receiver Eric Kumah?

Austin (left, on the floor) was unresponsive after being hit. Durham (in the sweatshirt) was attempting to lift his unconscious teammate when the video ended?

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