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MARKET REPORT: Stagecoach soars on rail revamp proposals

Investors were buoyed by news the transport operator could rehash its arrangement under the East Coast franchise - which has so far failed to generate the sales and profits they had hoped for when it won it in 2014. Under the planned new arrangement, the Department of Transport is to introduce an 'East Coast Partnership' - a joint venture between the public and private sector from 2020.

Following one of the most toxic rows in recent City history, chief executive Xavier Rolet (pictured) has stepped down with immediate effect and chairman Donald Brydon plans to go in 2019.

The final salary scheme for thousands of former staff at collapsed wholesaler Palmer & Harvey has been threatened after the business called in the administrators.

In a bid to appeal to a more mature audience, R White's introduced three new flavours - traditional cloudy, raspberry, and pear and elderflower.

Fidelity has now provided some of the headline figures involved, which provides some much needed insight into what it will really mean for your money if you invest with the firm.

Shares in Cineworld slumped 17% after the company announced it was close to a takeover bid of the second largest US cinema chain.

The London-focused housebuilder reported a 3.3 per cent drop in pre-tax profits to £8.7m for the six months to September 30, while revenues fell nearly 5 per cent to £99.3m.

The LSE's auspiciously named data chief Mark Makepeace, 56, is a frontrunner for Rolet's job. As for Brydon's position, I'm told recently departed HSBC chairman Douglas Flint.

Only Mark Carney and the Bank of England come out of the boardroom brawl at the LSE with credit. The Bank has been watching closely since the doomed merger with Deutsche Boerse was unveiled.

Llloyds chairman Sir Victor Blank warned the Prime Minister that toxic bank HBOS might be unable to open its doors as the financial crisis raged, a court heard.

The Financial Conduct Authority has said?Artemis, Hargreave Hale, Newton and River & Mercantile exchanged their trading intentions before the share prices were set.

London Stock Exchange Group boss Xavier Rolet has stepped down with immediate effect, blaming 'unwelcome publicity' amid a heated row over his departure.

The Buffettologist’s guide to finding winning shares

Warren Buffett is the world's most famous investor and he didn't get there without knowing a thing or two about buying good companies. So what would happen if you applied his school of investing to a UK investment fund? That's what the UK Buffettology fund has done and manager Keith Ashworth-Lord has made it deliver - up 148% in five years. We ask him how.

Government unveils £725m plan to transform UK business

The measures are part of a new 'Industrial Strategy', which sets out the Government's long-term vision on how to tackle the UK's well-documented poor productivity level compare to other advanced economies. The relatively low level of average productivity among British workers is considered one of the main headwinds holding back wages and economic growth.

Game bought Multiplay for £20million in 2015, with its results for last year revealing a loss of £800,000 due to investment in technology.

Pleased-with-himself Cobra beer tycoon Lord Bilimoria has been ranting against Trade Secretary Liam Fox over his remarks about businessmen being 'too fat and lazy' to boost Britain's prosperity.

Palmer & Harvey, which supplies more than 90,000 outlets from corner shops to Tesco, and employs some 3,400 people, collapsed into administration.

The 47-year-old has previously worked at Asda, Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer - and owns two cats, named Oscar and Leo.

ZPG is to create the largest residential property valuation database in Europe following purchase of Dutch firm Calcassa.

It is a symbol of how embarrassing the row at the top of the London Stock Exchange has become that Bank of England boss Mark Carney felt it incumbent to say something.

Demand for records peaked in the 1980s but began to fall in the face of competition, first from tapes, then CDs and eventually the internet.

The Anglo-Dutch firm also pledged to double its spending on clean energy to between $1billion and $2billion and vowed to halve its carbon footprint of the energy it sells by 2050.

RUTH SUNDERLAND: No money to invest? It’s a myth

Pension funds, insurance funds and sovereign wealth funds have at least £3 trillion in their coffers, according to Legal & General. Much of that is earning very low or negative returns and could be put to far better and more profitable use in housing, urban regeneration, clean energy, transport and backing small firms. That would pay dividends for society and the money managers, and help rebalance the economy away from London. It would also help provide better jobs, and pensions, for maligned millennials.

ALEX BRUMMER: Black Friday shoppers defy the gloom

The way in which British commerce apes the US can be embarrassing. Halloween overshadows November 5 and Black Friday diminishes the status of the Boxing Day-January sales. Thanksgiving is a uniquely US festival and Black Friday, the day after, is so known because it is when families head to the shopping mall and websites, and the bottom line for retailers turns from red to black.

ALEX BRUMMER: Heave-ho for the Eurocrats?

There can be no celebrating the departure of the European Banking Agency (EBA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) from London. But the losses may not be that significant. President Macron regards the capture of the EBA as an enormous success for Paris. The bigger question is: what is the EBA for? When it conducted its stress tests of Europe's banks in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, it failed to spot that Italian banks had up to €1 trillion of rotten loans, that Greek banks were effectively bust, that Germany's regional Landesbanken needed bailouts and that Deutsche Bank was a basket case.

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