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How many of these basic car safety checks can you do?

As many as 22 per cent of motorists said they didn't know how to check the depth of their car tyres and a quarter couldn't top up the antifreeze. But these and other tasks are now included in a question and answer section in the driving test. Take a look at the other examples and tell see if you can do them.

The asking price of the Rolls-Royce is the equivalent of £117,995 and it's the first car to ever be listed on Autotrader with payment solely in Bitcoin.

SMMT president, Tony Walker (pictured right) said: 'Banning diesel and petrol cars might be a sound bite that works but it’s not a policy that works.'

SVAutobiography: The most luxurious Range Rover yet

The new limousine-style 4X4 promises heightened levels of luxury and comfort from reclining airline-style seats, longer legroom, a sumptuously redesigned cabin and power doors that will close behind you at the touch of a button rather than asking your chauffeur to do it for you.

it's impossible for diesel cars to avoid new tax surcharge

Philip Hammond announced any new diesel car not meeting new emissions standards will go up one tax band for the first- year. But there is one big problem that will mean no car is exempt and some will cost £500 extra to tax - the test to pass isn't in yet. We've identified 10 models that will see the biggest hike including the cars pictured. From top left clockwise: Ssangyong Rexton, Toyota Land Cruiser, Merecedes-Benz GLS and Audi SQ7.

A537 revealed to be Britain's most dangerous road

The most dangerous road in Great Britain has been revealed as the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton - known as the Cat and Fiddle - in the Peak District. There were 23 fatal or serious collisions on that 11.6km stretch of road between 2010 and 2015.

The machines caught 253,684 drivers who would each have been fined £100. A single unit was triggered 41,056 times on the A449 in Kidderminster - averaging at more than 250 times a week.

Drivers were hit for £1.6billion in parking fees last year and councils' profits from parking permits, fees and fines in 2016/17 jumped 10 per cent from the year before – to £820million.

Bentley has created the ultimate SUV for hunters

This special edition Bentayga 4x4 is designed to packs a pair of shotguns in the boot along with rounds of ammunition, a hunting knife, binoculars and a set of champagne flutes. There's even a lockable humidor to keep expensive Cuban cigars for those early evening returns from trapsing the field with your hunting dog.

Some 210,000 vehicles suffered criminal damage such as smashed windows, slashed tyres and broken windscreen wipers in 2016 in England and Wales, compared with 191,000 in 2013.

Those who think self-driving technology is pie in the sky or only for expensive luxury cars, think again. I've just been driving Volvo's new XC40 SUV — or should I say it's been driving me.

Speeding offences hit a new high in 2016

Almost 3.06million offences were recorded during 2016, which is the highest number since 2007 when 3.33million were issued. Some 2.15million of these were for speeding, which is the highest they've been according the the DfT's records and means 5,899 drivers are caught exceeding the limit every day in England and Wales.

The best used cars you can buy revealed by What Car?

This family hatchback is reliable, great to drive and easy to get your hands on. In fact, it took the crown as the best used car because the market is flooded with low-mileage examples with full service histories and barely a scratch on the paintwork. So can you guess which model it is?

For those who want their truck in a hurry, special 'founders series' are being made, with $200,000 required up front to get one. Tesla said production will stat in 2019.

The best dash cams for under £150

If you have a dash cam fitted you will have solid evidence of what actually happened in an accident, it won’t simply be your word against theirs. This evidence can be used by the insurance companies or the courts to ascertain the truth and apportion blame, something which could be very beneficial to you. Here are 7 of the best devices for capturing footage for under £150.

Drivers are suffering delays of up to six minutes every mile in the City of London as congestion hits all-time highs across the UK.

Asda, which is owned by US giant Walmart, has made its first reductions on petrol prices in almost two months, cutting unleaded to 116.7ppl and diesel to 117.7ppl.

Budget: Diesel drivers to pay up to £500 extra in tax hike

Hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers are to be hit by a £550million tax grab. Philip Hammond announced higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) on new diesel cars yesterday – and a tax rise for owners of diesel company cars. The VED increase, which will apply to new diesel cars registered from April 1 next year, will force buyers to pay up to £500 extra in the first year of ownership and raise more than £250million in total. All new diesels will be hit unless they meet EU ‘real-driving’ emissions standards, which will reflect more accurately a vehicle’s emissions in real driving conditions rather than in the lab – even though the tests are not due for two years.

The Autumn Budget 2017 included announcements on electric and self-driving cars. £540 million ($716 million) is being invested, including research and development and charging infrastructure.

The British car maker recorded pre-tax profit of £22million in the first 9 months of this year, reversing losses of £124 million for the same period last year.

New diesels have 25% higher discounts than petrols

What Car?'s Target Price index, which calculates the most you should pay for a new car, shows that the average saving being offered on diesel cars is £2,716 - compared to £2,162 for petrol models. That's because diesel cars are already becoming more expensive to own due to new toxicity taxes, like the London T-Charge, and motorists are worried that the Chancellor is primed to ramp-up taxes in the Budget this week.

Customers will have to get in there fast because the 10p off a litre offer is only on for six days - and they'll have to spend £50 in Morrisons first to receive the money-off voucher.

The new Aston Martin Vantage revealed

Even before it was off the design board, the dramatic face of the new Vantage became the inspiration for the DB10 – of which only ten were made for use in the Bond movie Spectre and driven by Daniel Craig. That's because Bond movie bosses preferred it to the looks of Aston's DB11. Now the real-life Vantage has been revealed and here are the first images of the 195mph 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 sports car.

Following a confirmed £900m investment by the into fully driverless cars by 2021, Ray Massey agrees with former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson that the technology is not yet ready.

The Japanese company, famous for its MX-5 two-seater sports car, is launching what it calls a co-pilot system that will brake the vehicle if it veers out of control or fails to stop for other traffic.

UK speed limit signs to have fag-packet style crash images

Since 2008, cigarette packets have featured gory scenes depicting the damage caused by tobacco inhalation in a bid by EU lawmakers to cut smoking. And now road safety campaigners have called for the same tactics to be introduced to UK speed limit signs to prevent drivers from exceeding limits. A new study has found that 58% of motorists would back the gruesome signs, saying a crash scene image would make them reduce their speed.

Six years after Neil Colquhoun was killed in a Hampshire crash by an 89-year-old driver who'd failed his eye test 24 hours before, the 28-year-old's mother, Pat, speaks about her devastation.

Tesla unveiled its brand new $200,000 (£151,000) sports car?-?the fastest production car ever made - at an event in Los Angeles last week, claiming it will go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Jaguar’s E-Pace is the small cat expected to sell big

The E-Pace is expected to build on the success of Jaguar’s first ever SUV, the bigger F-Pace, and win over a new breed of family buyers to the firm. I was one of the first to get behind the wheel - both on and off the road – as Jaguar held its international launch around the highways and byways of leafy Surrey and Sussex this week.

Justin Cappos, a computer scientist at New York University, says any car built since 2005 can be controlled remotely and many vehicles to 17 years old are also at risk (stock image).

Private car park operators gear up for 'Christmas bonanza'

Christmas shoppers who use the car have been warned to be 'very wary' about using private car parks during the festive period thanks to the snowballing number of fines in recent years. Firms that operate the sites are gearing up for a 'Christmas bonanza' as they are handing out almost 13 times more tickets than a decade ago, according to the RAC Foundation.

Demand for second-hand diesel cars has increased n 2017

The SMMT said that used car sales in general - including petrol, hybrid and electric - were down 2.1 per cent between July and September, but used diesel demand was up 4.2 per cent in the same period. At a time when new diesel registrations are down by almost a third, why are second-hand sales on the increase?

Restrictions have been imposed at Bank Junction – a six-way intersection in the heart of the capital’s financial district – as part of a trial safety scheme.

Older women were much better at controlling their distractions and paying attention to the road, according to research from the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics (stock image).

Islington to hike parking charges for all diesel cars

The surcharge will cost all diesel motorists £2 an hour on top of existing hourly fees, which range from £1.20 to £6. The measures, which are due to be rolled out in January, will see the cost of parking surge for diesel owners who park in any of the 6,500 short-stay bays in the area.

I was one of the first to get behind the wheel — on and off road — of the family-friendly 4x4 packed with sports-car performance and a top speed of up to 150mph.

The fastest production car ever: Elon Musk reveals $200,000 Tesla roadster that does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds 'and can hit 250mph'

A brand new Roadster emerged from the trailer of the company's other big reveal - an electric truck named the Tesla Semi - during a presentation at an airport in Los Angeles last night. The $200,000?sports car -?an updated version of Tesla's first production vehicle - can seat four and travel 620 miles on a single charge, a new record for an electric vehicle. The car - which also features a removable glass roof - can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. 'You′ll be able to travel from LA to San Francisco, and back, at highway speed without recharging,' Musk said. 'The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.'

French-owned car giant Vauxhall was last night accused of 'breathtaking cheek' after suggesting motorists in Britain should pay an extra tax at the pumps to combat air pollution.

Three times as many drivers evade car tax since disc went

The Department for Transport confirmed that 1.8 per cent of vehicles, the equivalent of 755,000 cars, motorcycles and vans, were untaxed in 2017 - that's compared to just 0.6 per cent in 2013, before the paper tax disc was abolished. In fact, more motorists are evading today then they have done in any other year for a decade.

Coventry based car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is taking part in the UK Autodrive project, the largest trial of connected and autonomous vehicle technology in the country.

SEAT showcased its Leon Cristobal in Barcelona for the first time this week, featuring safety tech including an in-car breathalyser and eye monitors that can tell if you're reading a text.

Driving examiners to stage 48-hour strike next month

Some 2,000 examiners will strike from December 4 in protest of changes to the driving test that are being introduced that day. It is estimated that it will lead to 10,000 test cancellations. Instructors have already raised concerns about the safety of one of the new additions, which they say is in breach of the Highway Code.

The price of Brent crude oil has increased by £13 a barrel since the middle of this year, up by about 20 per cent. The rise is likely to be passed on to British motorists, experts have warned.

It's not every day Jose Mourinho drops by your workplace and employees at Jaguar Land Rover must have been stunned to see the Manchester United boss turn up.

Classic cars once owned by Beatles members for sale

Come together, right now, for the ultimate car auction for Beatles fans. Next month's Bonhams Bond Street Sale in London offers the unique opportunity to buy not one but two highly-collectible classic vehicles that were owned by members of arguably the biggest band of all time. he first, an Aston Martin DB4 worth an estimated £1.5 million was originally bought by Sir Paul McCartney while the the second, a characterful 1966 Mini Cooper S Radford conversion, was owned by drummer Ringo Starr and could sell for a £120,000.

After years of calls for a reminder alert - similar to car insurance and tax prompts - the Government has launched a text message service that tells you that your car's MOT is due in four weeks.

Special edition Huracan will be auctioned off by Sotheby's, with the proceeds going towards helping rebuild Christian communities in Iraq that have been devastated by ISIS.

Another 50 London lamp posts to double as EV chargers

The new car-charging lamp posts will be in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and will allow electric vehicle owners to draw 100 per cent renewable energy from the council's street lights, the suppliers?said.

More than a third of optometrists have recently seen a patient with severely bad eyesight who has continued to drive against their advice, a study published today reveals.

The top 10 hatches from the past for £2,000

Hot hatches of the current era are far from cheap, but there are ways of picking up a performance hatchback for much less. We countdown our top 10 favourites from the past you can buy today for as little as £2,000.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is reportedly considering a rise in fuel duty for diesel drivers in Britain ahead of his next budget later this month.

A whopping 467 cyclists were involved in accidents caused by 'poor or defective' roads over the past five years, Department of Transport data has revealed.

Time capsule Ford Escort RS Cosworth sells for £91,000

A Ford Escort RS Cosworth dubbed a 'time capsule' car after covering just 837 miles since 1996 has sold for £91,125 at auction. Today, the Escort Cosworth is considered a fully-fledged modern classic car and the two previous owners' decision to forgo driving this one and wrap it in cotton wool instead has been celebrated with the astonishing price fetched at Silverstone Auctions NEC Classic Motor Show sale.

The average annual premium for people shopping around for policies has gone up by 14 per cent - from £983 to £1,125.

Hammond: New diesel cars to be hit with higher taxes

Reports have suggested that the Chancellor has decided that tax increases on diesel is the best way to encourage motorists to buy hybrid and electric cars - be it an increase in VAT or a new levy - and will confirm the news on November 22. New diesel sales fell by almost a third in October and owners are already concerned that their cars will plummet in value.

A new MG has hit the road. But if you were expecting a sprightly British sports car, you might be disappointed. It's actually a budget SUV called the MG ZS.

Lamborghini Urus teased in video of new 600bhp SUV

If you fancy winning a game of school run Top Trumps, Lamborghini has the perfect car. Called the Urus, the new four-seat sports utility vehicle is expected to cost around £180,000 and become one of the fastest family cars on the planet. Lamborghini won't take the wraps off the eagerly-anticipated new supercar 4x4 for another month, but it has given us a glimpse of what to expect with a quick clip of a disguised Urus tearing through the desert.

The manoeuvre in question is one of the new reversing tasks that requires the driver to pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for two car lengths and then rejoin the traffic.

It's time for a reality check about electric cars, and to realise that they can be every bit as polluting as their petrol and diesel forebears as countries pledge to ban diesel and petrol vehicles.

Gap between 'official' and real-world fuel economy expands

When it comes to fuel economy a car should do exactly what it says on the tin - but that's far from the case. According to new data, there's a huge 42% gap between the 'official' fuel economy figures stated by carmakers and those achieved when owners drive on the road - up from just 9% in 2001.

A major study by Columbia University in New York of more than 9.2million people found even small increases in air pollution led to an increase in osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Forget potholes and getting stuck behind a tractor, or sheep. More than half of motorists admit that cyclists riding in pairs on Britain's roads is the hazard that gets their blood boiling the most.

Lamborghini's Terzo Millennio electric hypercar revealed

Lamborghini already builds some of the most extreme cars you can drive on the road today, but its vision for the hypercar of tomorrow is on a whole new level. The Terzo Millennio's body panels are made of a carbon fibre composite that can detect and repair cracks or dents and power comes from electric supercapacitors instead of traditional batteries. But there's still one EV issue Lamborghini hasn't overcome...

PSA Group chairman Carlos Tavares warned the workforce of new measures, which include flexible working time arrangements, buyouts and early retirement schemes.

New figures show that a third of Volkswagen cars fitted with software to cheat emissions tests remain unfixed and the rate at which they are being dealt with has 'stalled'.

Should bicycles have number plates and MOT tests?

Law-breaking cyclists should face tougher penalties but should also get better protection from aggressive drivers, a recent poll suggests. The survey found that 86 per cent backed the introduction of greater punishment for cyclists who jump red lights and fail to obey?other rules set out in the Highway Code.

Roadside officers from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency found that in random checks of lorries, foreign ones were more likely to be 'mechanically defective' than British ones.

Tesla has released a new software update with two new features: One gives the option to reduce the Model S and X's acceleration, and the other makes it easier to exit Tesla's vehicles.

SMMT: New diesel car sales drop by a third in a year

Drivers are shunning diesel cars in a move which has helped sink the previously buoyant new car market, SMMT data showed. New cars registered in October were down 12.2 per cent compared to the same month last year - and diesel sales are down a huge 29.9 per cent over the same period, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Neurons were found to fire more weakly and take longer to respond in a study of 12 people kept awake all night. It was led by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The fastest car ever made: Koenigsegg reaches 284.5MPH in record-breaking run on dead straight Nevada road

The Koenigsegg Agera RS has smashed the world record for the fastest production car after clocking an average speed of 277.9mph over two runs down a highway in the Nevada desert. It takes the title off French powerhouse Bugatti which set a record of 267.8mph in 2010 with a Veyron Super Sport. On the second run, with a favourable tailwind and going slightly downhill, the Koenigsegg clocked a top speed of 284.5mph, which is the fastest a production car has ever gone. That record was held by a Hennessey Venom GT which hit 270.5mph in 2014, though never took the speed record because it only completed one run.

Only 1,486 of the 2,838 speed cameras across the UK are actually switched on and police in Northamptonshire, Cleveland, Durham and North Yorkshire aren't using them at all.

Road Safety Support Ltd is paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by forces to advise on speed camera plans and provide expert evidence in court cases.

Hennessey Venom GT is the world's first 300mph road car

Texan firm Hennessey claims that its latest creation will blaze from zero to 186mph in under 10 seconds. Launched at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, just 24 will be made. The current fastest production car of all time is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which was officially clocked at 270mph in 2010.

More than 450 vehicles set off from Hyde Park this morning to drive the 60 miles to the East Sussex town as motoring enthusiasts flocked to the capital's streets to watch.

In the two separate recalls, BMW says the risk of fire is very low in both cases, but the vehicles should say outside 'in an abundance of caution.' Repairs are expected to start on December 18.

Boxfresh Ford Escort Cosworth could sell for £100k

This is one of the 7,145 Escort Cosworths built for the road and is likely to be the least used. In two decades it's quadrupled in value and is the latest example of rapidly appreciating Fast Fords to become collectible on the classic car market. Can you believe an Escort is almost worth six-figures today?

Famed for his McLaren F1 supercar, and a host of Formula 1 racing cars, Professor Gordon Murray has set up a new manufacturing arm to produce his own 21st-century supercar.

Men across every age group are more likely to have speeding convictions than women, with twice as many having a fine, Admiral Insurance has announced.

Almost half of drivers have felt blinded by others

To measure the dangers of dazzling, Direct Line conduced a roadside experiment and found that driver are temporarily blinded by other vehicle's headlights for an average of two seconds - enough for the victim to cover more than 50 metres completely unsighted when travelling at 60mph.

The lives of elderly and the disabled will be transformed by self-driving cars, the Transport Secretary claimed today. The first autonomous cars are expected to be on Britain's roads by 2021.

The two-seater's exterior is plated with 24-carat gold - even its screws and washers - while its interior features goat kid leather and mink fur. It was the star of the Earls Court Motor Show in 1958.

Aston Martin unveils new bicycle for the price of a car

The car manufacturer famed for making James Bond's favourite sexy sports cars, grand tourers and supercars reckons its new Aston Martin bicycle will prove a big hit - though the saddle does not incorporate an ejector seat. And though it won't match the 200mph top speed of some of Aston Martin's supercars, if you peddle hard enough you should manage 30mph.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD, designed in Colorado, started out life as a Ford pickup truck but has been transformed into a luxury motorhome that can accommodate six people.

A database for garages will identify vehicles with a hidden manufacturer's fault and these will automatically fail an MoT test. Cars will be held if known defects haven't been repaired.

Racing driver James Hunt's London home for sale for £2.7m?

Famous British racing driver James Hunt, inset, lived at the mews property in Fulham between 1980 and 1982 - it's now for sale for £2.7m. Today, the glamorous house has been completely refurbished to include an Italian designer glass kitchen, a Jacuzzi bath and a hidden wine cellar accessed by an electronic hatch.

Dr Ian Robertson, BMW's global sales director said he is confident the UK will secure a deal with the EU to allow the company to continue investing in its three British factories following Brexit.

The London Taxi Company wanted to claim an exclusive right to the black cab shape and thwart rivals Ecotive, which could now put its electric Metrocab into production.

Aston Martin launches Vanquish Ultimate Edition range

Only 175 of the Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will be sold globally - of which around a quarter will be in the UK - ahead of the new third generation Vanquish being launched in the second half of next year. Order books are open now for the range-topping cars priced at £211,995 for the Vanquish S Ultimate Edition Coupe and £223,995 for the open-topped Volante, with first deliveries in Spring next year.

In its annual Report on Motoring the RAC found that 56 per cent of drivers believe traffic has got worse on Britain's motorways, high speed dual carriageways and A-roads.

Last Ferrari to win Le Mans could be most expensive ever

The 1964 Ferrari 275 P took the chequered flag at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in the same year - a feat that hasn't been repeated by an official car in the 53 years since, making it arguably the most collectible of all time. If it sells for more than $38.115million (£29million), it will become the most expensive car ever to change hands.

Suzuki, Toyota and motorcycle-maker Yamaha unveiled new concept 4x4s this week, all of which are no-nonsense utilitarian vehicles that claim to be able to tackle any terrain.

As a regular on the school run, Laura-Ann Hassan was only too aware of the potential hazards caused by other parents hurrying to drop off their children and get to work.

Ferrari's new £3m FXX-K Evo is a fighter jet on wheels

This is what the most powerful Ferrari you can buy looks like - and it has more wings than an RAF station. It's called the FXX-K Evo, costs in the region of £3million and is more potent than Ferrari's current Formula One car. It features a 6.3-litre V12 engine using the same petrol-electric Kinetic Energy Recovery System - also known as KERS - that F1 machines have been boosted with in recent years. Here's what you need to know about the new invite-only hypercar.

Made by German firm Volkner Mobil GmbH, it offers a fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping quarters, wooden and leather fittings, state-of-the-art entertainment - and space for the Ferrari.

London, Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham were rated as heavily polluted in the study backed by 26 groups including the Royal College of Physicians.

Number of supercars on UK roads soars 40% in five years

Car-buying comparison site found that there are 40 per cent more Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and other supercars on UK roads than there were five years ago. To date, there are over 36,000 supercars registered in the UK, showing that flash motors are very much on the agenda for the nation's biggest earners.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese manufacturing firm Toyoda Gosei showed off a new dent-proof car, Flesby II - and, the outside of the vehicle is covered in undulating airbags.

When you're crossing the road and suddenly you hear Radio 2 booming at full blast, you'd better get out of the way . . . that's the warning sound of me in my marvellous new car, writes BIGGINS.

The most and least reliable cars revealed by What Car?

Half of the top ten most reliable cars in their category sold in the UK are from Japanese brands, according to a new report by What Car?. But it was not such good news for UK car making. While the Honda Jazz and Audi A3 (pictured top left and bottom left) scored enviable 100% reliability, the diesel versions of the Range Rover Sport and Jaguar XE (pictured top right and bottom right) came bottom of their categories.

The full-electric two-seat sports car outlines Honda's commitment to build performance models that produce zero emissions, with retro styling reminiscent of one Bond car in particular.

MoT data has was released ahead of the Government's plans to push a first test back to the fourth year instead of third. Experts say it will put lives at risk by letting 385k 'unsafe' cars on the road.

Mazda has indicated its intention to broaden the marque’s appeal with the reveal of an Aston Martin-opposing GT sports car called the Vision Coupé. It also previewed the next-gen '3' to rival the Audi A3.

Nissan is turning over a new LEAF – adding to its core electric range with its first battery-powered sports utility vehicle. The IMx crossover has a claimed driving range of more than 373 miles.

With ministers determined to ban sales of new petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040, we're all going to have to come around to the idea of electric vehicle ownership. Could this be the answer?

If you're in the market for a seven-seater, affordable, 4x4 then you might end up with a particular problem - finding one that comes with a petrol engine. The Skoda Kodiaq might be the answer.



What's it like to drive a Rolls-Royce Phantom? We take the £350k 'most silent and luxurious car in the world' for a spin

Silence is golden, so whisper it softly, Ray Massey (pictured) has been driving what Rolls-Royce claims is the quietest car on the planet – the new £350,0000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Super-rich owners who can stretch to one are not just choosing a mode of luxurious transport, but a lifestyle. The Phantom is the most technologically advanced car Rolls-Royce has ever built and about as luxurious as you can get. This is what it is like to ride in.

This is Aston Martin's latest glorious car, the DB11 Volante. It's an exquisite drop-top version of the DB11 coupe that will be on sale from early 2018 priced from £159,000.

A hot hatch must be savagely fast but also practical enough to be used all the rest of the time; tackle trips to the tip, the school run, five-up journeys to the coast. Here are the best.

Mercedes will bring Formula One from TV screens to the public road in 2019 with the arrival of the brain-frazzling Project ONE hypercar that can go from 0 to 124mph in less than 6 seconds.

What does it look like? Will it be cheap to own? These are some of the questions car buyers ask before purchasing a new model. But the most important questions is: how fast will it depreciate?

The new model is due to go on sale next year with a £160,000 price tag, It will be capable of smashing through the 200mph barrier and will be built exclusively in the UK.

Love it or loathe it, there's no denying that Mercedes' latest creation will turn heads. Powered by a 740bhp electric powertrain, this 5.7-metre-long barge on wheels can hit 62mph in 4 seconds.

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth tipped to sell for £115k

This Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was sold for £28,000 in 2007 - fast forward a decade and it's now tipped to fetch a record £115,000 at a Birmingham classic car auction next month. We reveal why it is expected to sell for such a staggering sum and feature four more Fast Fords also expected to go for big money at the same sale.

A pair of cars steeped in British comedy folklore are to be sold at auction next month. Eric Morecambe's Jensen, which he suffered a heart attack driving in 1968 is expected to achieve up to £110,000.

Today, only cars built before 1960 are exempt from having to pass an MOT. From May 2018 that cut-off shidts to 1978. Here's 10 models that fit into the 18-year window created by the new rule.

If someone told you at the end of the 1980s that a Ford Sierra would one day be worth £115,000 and a Peugeot 205 GTI almost £40,000, you'd have laughed. But these cars just sold for that.

An additional 300,000 cars in Britain will no longer need an MOT test from next year under new rules that will see any model older than 40 years exempt from the annual roadworthiness check-up.

Lamborghini from Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl video for sale

It's just a cosmic car, with a price tag from another galaxy. This is the Lamborghini driven by Jay Kay in the iconic music video for 1996 hit single Cosmic Girl, pictured inset, and it's for sale in the UK. Its being advertised by Preston-based supercar seller Amari, which originally sold the car to the singer after his first one was written off, and is being listed for a monumental £549,995 - double the going rate of standard Diablos today.

Any normal Ferrari 365 GTB/4 in a similar condition to this one would be worth no more than £500,000 on today's market. This 1969 model is expected to sell for three times that amount.

Romance has encouraged many attempts at reviving some of these worthier dead marques. We rate their chances of making a return to the market.

Owning a Ferrari is a rite of rock and roll passage and this one has been driven by one of the most iconic rockers of all time. It's a 1983 Ferrari 400i owned by Keith Richards.

Everything from the most expensive British car ever sold to a $5.7m racer that killed its driver and a 2014 Pagani with an optional performance pack that costs the same as a new Ferrari California.

Ten tips for cheaper car insurance

One in three motorists pay over the odds for their car insurance - and the worst thing you can do is simply renew. We reveal ten tips to get the cheapest car insurance deal and show you the places to go to compare car cover and potentially save hundreds of pounds.



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