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How many of us moan that our family carries an outdated image of the person we are today, yet still regress to that former role the minute we sit down to turkey and sprouts?

When Elle Huerta went through a devastating break-up, she used her Silicon Valley knowhow to develop an app that can mend a million millennial hearts.

Stuck for fashionably fabulous gift ideas? We asked some of our most stylish friends to reveal the pieces they'll be picking for their nearest and dearest - and themselves...

The veteran bestselling author holds forth on treasured possessions and mementoes including bling, bogus bichon frises and the magical power of bright red lipstick.

Evergreen Anton talks about the joys of late fatherhood, a seasonal proposal and his big hero - fellow hoofer Bruce Forsyth.

The kimono jacket gets a quadruple seasonal spin: here's how you can rock it for cocktails, the work party, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Ripe for picking right now, these rich, deep, enticing berry tones have been selected for freshness by contributing Fashion Editor Hannah Hughes.

42nd street and YOU fashion team is a natural pairing. With 623 costumes in the show, and each cast member having 12 outfits, we are two sides of the same coin.

Grace unveils cherished keepsakes including her first cello, which was handmade by her father, and an indestructible houseplant.

Sara and daughter Theodora

Health with Sarah Stacey

For Carolyn, putting pen to paper has helped her confront a traumatic childhood and cope with its legacy of anxiety and depression.

Museum and gallery shops are your one-stop for innovative, good-looking gifts. Here's our pick of the best.


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