Julia Roberts was so moved by the tale of a boy who hides his deformed face under a helmet that she begged to be in the film of the book

Teatime quiz The Chase is one of ITV's biggest hits, hosted by Bradley Walsh and featuring Chasers Anne Hegerty and quiz show veteran and general know-it-all Mark Labbett

When work began on Battle Of The Sexes, the 2016 US Primaries were just under way and there seemed every chance the film would come out in the same year America got its first woman President.

This Semiramide is a triumph for Joyce DiDonato, a singer of power and refinement, now in her full maturity.
She fills the house with a flow of glorious tone.

Luke Skywalker is back. Last year's spin-off adventure, Rogue One, shunned Luke, Chewbacca and their comrades for a new set of heroes and villains

This fashionably gender-fluid new musical may change things, but career options for 16-year-olds in Sheffield don't currently include becoming a drag queen.

On stage, U2 are as big as ever. The Joshua Tree tour in the summer was short by their standards, yet it still ended up as the 12th most lucrative tour of all time - a chart topped by their own 360° tour.

Portrait photographers have a difficult life nowadays. Everyone photographs themselves and everyone else, all the time, with instruments of ever-increasing quality.

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Do we really need another Nobu? This time a hotel, with a mega-million pound kitout and 'signature' cocktails.

The season of silliness is almost upon us, and with it comes our annual quest for the best-value bubbles

Peter Mandelson advised Tony Blair to place a sign on his desk with the inscription: 'Remember: the Chancellor is mad.'

Alfa Romeo SUV

So hard-up was the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani that he once devised an unorthodox plan to avoid paying for food: stripping completely naked in a restaurant after a meal

Anton du Beke is reliving his most infamous and unforgettable Strictly Come Dancing moment - swinging former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe around the floor

Alice Cooper returned to the UK this week with his original Seventies band and a spectacular show that celebrated, tongue in sunken cheek, everything that is evil in the human condition


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