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Japan has the highest number of top restaurants in the word, says France's La Liste, and China is close behind with 123 of the 1,000 top eateries around the globe, according to the list.

British supermarkets have been increasingly stocking ranges of so called 'forgotten' cuts, including pigs' trotters, pictured,, pork cheeks, shanks and beef brisket.

SodaStream is launching an alcoholic concentrate that turns water into wine, The product is only available in Germany. But there are other ways to make homemade fizz using the gadget.

Nutritionists Michela Vagini and Cassandra Barns share what they would and wouldn't order at Starbucks, Pret, EAT and Caffè Nero. They opt for low-carb and high protein items.

Why this year's Christmas dinner is 16% more expensive

The cheapest festive meal for a British family of eight is some 16 per cent more expensive than last year, according to Good Housekeeping. The organisation, which has measured prices at the same time for nine years, says the 11 basic ingredients for the big day have never been more expensive. However, they say it is still possible to put together a turkey feast for eight for as little as £23.54 - £2.94 per head. That is up from £19.82 - £2.48 - a head last year. The organisation measured the cost of the products across 10 of Britain's biggest food stores. Marks & Spencer was the only one to show a fall. The annual study suggests the general increase has been driven by a big rise in the cost of fresh vegetables, specifically potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots and parsnips. Here we show what's gone up and what's gone down when it comes to food on Christmas Day.

London-based chef Miguel Barclay, 37, has created a discount festive roast by using cheap chicken legs which he turns into a stuffed ballotine, and using a cut-price stuffing mix.

The Clink restaurant chain, which operates at four secure prisons in England, is beating establishments by celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

Pizza Hut Restaurants now offers dairy-free cheese on all its pies for £1 extra. The dairy-free alternative launches on Wednesday at every eatery. Vegan fans are delighted at the news.

Families have shared very cute snaps of pets and babies on Stir Up Sunday. The tradition states that every family member should stir the cake mixture and some families took that to heart.

British food brand Holland's Pies has outraged a lot of Northerners after they made an advert celebrating their love for gravy, featuring some very weak gravy.

The Fazer Bakery in Finland is selling a bread made from 70 crickets and is one of the first businesses in Europe to make food using insects, which are a good source of protein.

Sainsbury's is launching a dairy-free platter featuring three vegan cheeses: including a Cheddar-style, a blue-style and a Wensleydale-style with cranberries.

The supermarkets selling healthiest festive food revealed

Fascinating graphics reveal the lightest and most indulgent versions of supermarket treats. The most calorific products add up to 1,697 calories, but you can save 398 kcal by making swaps. They include: switching Tesco's Cranberry Sauce for Asda's (left); switching Morrisons' Christmas Pudding for Tesco's (centre); and switching Morrisons' Pigs In Blankets for Waitrose's (right).

Internet users from around the world have been sharing pictures online of the weirdest restaurant names they've ever seen; including the Itchy Butt fried chicken shop and the fart diner.

Asda is selling six bottles of Yellow Label Prosecco for just £25 from today (Wednesday, November 22) until the end of the month. The offer means that each bottle costs just £4.17.

Scott Conant, who runs New York's Fusco restaurant and is often dubbed 'the Maestro of pasta', shared his guide to making perfect 'pantry pasta' .

Co-op's Turkey and the Trimmings box costs £12 and contains everything you need for a festive lunch, except the vegetables which Co-op sells separately ready-to-cook for £3.

Angela Brisk tweeted about a woman's ingenious cinema snack life hack. The mystery smuggler sneaks in treats using a large polystyrene bowl and pretends she's pregnant.

The infamous leftovers sandwich, which sends Ross into a rage when it is stolen, has a layer of gravy-soaked bread in the middle. You can easily recreate it at KFC using chicken instead of turkey.

Photos of some very rude cakes have been circulating online, proving that not all bakes are sweet treats. They are all decorated with incredibly honest messages that get straight to the point.

The hilarious restaurant signs, compiled in a new online gallery, are awash with witty food puns, double entendres?and even the occasional innuendo designed to entice diners.

Cornish Kern, which is a new cheese made by Lynher Dairies, was named world champion at the World Cheese Awards at the weekend. It beat an Italian bufala into second place.

Reddit user Wow-Jack's photo of a failed treat went viral with 54,000 upvotes on Reddit last night as the grainy crumble looks more like the crumb on a piece of crispy fried chicken.

The budget retailer is offering a 1.5l magnum of Premier Cru champagne for £31.99 - the same price as many standard, 750ml bottles of bubbles found elsewhere on the high street.

Femail taste tests supermarket Christmas sandwiches

FEMAIL taste tests nearly 40 sandwiches to find the best and the worst on sale. The tests were in three categories: classic Christmas turkey feast; vegetarian; and new for 2017. The winners included (top, left to right): Tesco's Bubble and Squeak sandwich in the vegetarian category; Waitrose's King Spiced Prawn Cocktail in the new for 2017 category; and Pret's Christmas Lunch in the traditional category. Among the worst were (bottom, left to right): Aldi's Brie & Cranberry; Aldi's Ham Hock sandwich'; and ASDA's Extra Special Turkey & Trimmings.

Gordon Ramsay, 51, has appeared in a TV advert for Cass beer but fans are now questioning his tastes as many have called the lager 'awful'. However Ramsay has defended the beer.

Toby Adams, director of the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden, explained the green bean fits the technical definition of a fruit as it is a 'pod that has seeds inside of it'.

Beverley Haigh of Meltham, vowed to cook her family a different meal every day of the year in a hope to make her four children less fussy. She has now started a blog cataloging her recipes.

Matt Tebbutt plays Name That Price with shoppers on Friday's Food Unwrapped, in which he asks them to guess if everyday groceries cost more or less than they did in 2016.

Kitchen experts reveal simple but effective life hacks that will save you time, including one that allows you to remove cherry stones easily by using a chopstick to push a stone out over a bottle.


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