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Daniel Morcombe: Inmate free after Brett Cowan attack

This is the first look at the man who poured boiling water on the loathed criminal Brett Peter Cowan (pictured inset), the convicted paedophile who murdered Daniel Morcombe (right). Former tattoo artist Adam Paul Davidson (pictured left and centre), 31, was released from jail in Brisbane's north on Tuesday after spending an extra year in custody for the crime. Davidson was serving a sentence for robbery and fraud when he tipped a mop bucket of scalding hot water on Cowan's head inside Wolston Correctional Centre. While Cowan screamed in pain and asked Davidson 'why, why, why?', the younger inmate threw the bucket at him. 'I did it boss,' Davidson told a prison officer after the attack. 'Only me, no one else was involved. He had it coming. He is a f***ing grub.'

Shocking moment a man is sent flying after a driver smashes straight into him as he confronts hoons doing doughnuts just metres from children playing on a beach

A man who toppled over a car bonnet after a driver smashed into him was confronting hooligans about the dangers of doing doughnuts on a beach. In the shocking video a man is seen walking toward one of two cars performing burnouts on the west coast of New Zealand. As a man in a blue shirt walks toward the car with a pole he is hit by the car and bounces off the bonnet.

Find out which Australian city sits behind Sydney for unaffordability in the latest Rental Affordability Index figures.

Choice compares cheap and expensive Aussie sunscreens

A product watchdog claims that some of the biggest sunscreen brands on the market are failing to meet standards. Choice Magazine conducted a sunscreen face off with 14 different moisturisers and facial sun-cream based on durability, smell, absorption and protection. Five of the tested sunscreens were scored abysmally low, as consumers were disappointed with expensive brands such as Neutrogena (top right) and Invisible Zinc (top left), while others were rated highly - can you guess which brands came out on top? (Pictured bottom left is Nivea and bottom right Ego SunSense)

A two-year-old girl is dead and a 59-year-old man fighting for his life in hospital after a 20-year-old woman who was a disqualified learner driver got behind the wheel of the family car in Sydney.

Twitter user @_Emmiily, who appears to be from the US, received a text from her father telling her 'we need to talk' after finding something suspicious in her bedroom in a hilarious exchange.

Inside Shane Warne's $16 million Melbourne mansion

He's one of Australia's most successful sporting stars of all time. And Shane Warne is certainly enjoying the spoils of his cricketing career, offering fans an inside glimpse of his multi million dollar Melbourne home on Wednesday. Taking to Instagram, the 48-year-old showed off his pad's expansive grounds, which include a sparking pool, sprawling tennis courts and even a private gym.

A major crime investigation has opened into the death of a baby girl who died at a South Australian hospital on Saturday, more than a year after she suffered critical head injuries.

One of the most common questions regarding dental health is whether flossing is necessary. FEMAIL spoke to Sydney dentist Dr Luke Cronin, who helped settle the age-old debate.

IKEA, Kmart Cosco designed pantry the most organised ever

Adelaide blogger, Iryna Federico (pictured inset), 26, shared photos of her incredible pastel-hued pantry (pictured left and right) - all of which she put together for less than AUD $3,000. She told FEMAIL how she did it, which included using accessories from Kmart, IKEA and Costco. She first got the idea from Pinterest.

They performed topless at last year's ARIAs but The Veronicas were visibly absent from this year's awards on Tuesday, after complaining 'On Your Side' was snubbed for Best Video.

'It was a moment of pure joy at a very bad time': Heartwarming moment Mother cries tears of joy as strangers and friends rally to grant sick son's dying wish of meeting John Cena

Last Tuesday, Diane Burge learned her son Hayden, 25, would be entering the final stages of his life, following a battle with heart failure. The events of the next three days were truly heartwarming, as family, friends and strangers worldwide rallied to help grant Hayden's dying wish - to meet John Cena. On Tuesday night, against all odds and without Diane even knowing the WWE star was in her hometown of Sydney, brave Hayden's wish was granted.

A Melbourne man accused of killing his partner by drowning her in the bath told police the pair had a suicide pact, but the woman's psychiatrist has given conflicting evidence.

Two teenage boys, aged 16 and 18, have been charged with planning a 'Columbine-style' (pictured) shooting at a school in the Riverlands area of South Australia.

Samantha X works out with hunky personal trainer

She's the former high-class escort who recently made public her relationship with Channel Seven reporter?Ryan Phelan. But on Tuesday, Samantha X (real-name Amanda Goff) was in the company of another hunky man. However, her new beau shouldn't be too worried as the muscular man was none other than her personal trainer who was helping her get in shape in Sydney.

A relationship expert reveals how to react?properly

We all have times where we regret the way we reacted to someone but frustrated responses can cause a spiral of negative interactions that end a relationship. FEMAIL spoke to a relationship expert and advisor to The Bachelor and Bachelorette (right), Samantha Jayne, (pictured inset) who has revealed how we can stop these knee-jerk reactions. 'We are wired to protect ourselves but being defensive and not listening to your partners need is harmful to the relationship,' Samantha told Daily Mail Australia.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has bragged that his country has achieved full nuclear statehood after successfully testing a new missile capable of hitting anywhere in the United States.

Bachelor lovebirds Matthew 'Matty J' Johnson and Laua Byrne recently engaged in a very steamy, Christmas-themed photo shoot at Malabar Beach in Sydney.

Roxy Jacenko is blasted for posing with a cigarette

She's the Sydney PR queen that's all too familiar with a glamorous photo shoot. But on Wednesday, Roxy Jacenko had select Instagram followers commenting on her use of a cigarette as a prop, rather than her primped appearance. Responding to the negative criticism she received, the 37-year-old told Daily Mail Australia: 'It was not lit and purely theatre.'

Your best laid diet plans will always go awry because life happens and causes disruption. Health experts for Get The Gloss reveal how our eating is sabotaged by lifestyle and everyday habits

Gold Coast woman transforms into bodybuilder

When Amanda Fisher, from the Gold Coast, saw a photo of herself weighing 92 kilograms (pictured left), she knew she needed to make a drastic change. The 32-year-old took up intermittent fasting and adopted a plant-based diet, and since that point she has shed nearly 30kg - weighing around 65kg now (pictured right). Ms Fisher shared her incredible story about moving from mum bod to bikini bodybuilding fit with FEMAIL, as she explained her tips for others who want to try intermittent fasting.

A woman is expected to face court for the first time on dangerous driving charges relating to a Sydney school crash which killed two children, aged eight and nine, on November 7.

Couple's Bali wedding plans ruined as Mount Agung erutps

A young Perth couple's dream wedding has been ruined after Bali's Mount Agung (top right) began to explode – grounding flights to the popular holiday island as thick black smoke filled the air. Breana Napper and Josh Major (left) had their beach side wedding all planned out – and were due to say 'I do' in front of 60 friends and family on Saturday.

'We knew there was something there that was so solid, so powerful - we were willing to have a go': Unseen video reveals Harry and Meghan talking about the moment they knew it was right?

Harry and Meghan's off-mic antics were about the Suits' star not letting her royal husband-to-be get a word in edgeways, MailOnline can reveal today. The couple's engagement excitement truly emerges in candid and funny footage never shown to millions in Britain and around the world last night. Harry and Meghan are shown laughing, joking and chatting with each other (right) but unfortunately the microphones were switched off. Expert lipreader Tina Lannin, who specialises in forensic lipreading for the police and CPS, has told MailOnline that Harry is ribbing his fiancee for interrupting him. While he is believed to be describing their safari in Botswana last year Meghan cuts across the prince and says: 'It was 5 days, yeah'. Showing their relaxed relationship Harry then tells her: 'She wants me to say something', adding: 'Goddammit' while slapping his leg in faux outrage. After apologising Meghan barks jokingly: 'Do it again!'. This afternoon the couple are expected to reveal when and where they will get married next year with Windsor Castle now the clear favourite ahead of Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral.

Meghan Markle posed outside Buckingham Palace aged 15

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Posing outside Buckingham Palace, as millions of foreign tourists have done over the years, little could Miss Markle know that 21 years later she would be engaged to a member of the Royal family. The remarkable image, taken during a European summer trip in 1996 with her friend Ninaki Priddy, has emerged the day after her engagement to Prince Harry was celebrated around the world.And while the love story between the American divorcee and the fifth-in-line to the British throne has surprised and delighted royal watchers around the world, one person saw it coming – and has warned Prince Harry to be cautious. I’m not shocked at all', said Ms Priddy. 'It’s like she has been planning this all her life.'

Prince Harry was seen leaving his gym in Chelsea, West London with his royal protection officer after a workout this afternoon, but his new fiancée Meghan Markle was nowhere to be seen.

Actress Meghan, 36, worked on the US version of the show from 2006 to 2007, serving as one of 26 models on the show, all of whom carried a numbered case with a numerical value inside.

Meghan Markle's very revealing online pictures

As a social media devotee, Meghan Markle posted often on her Instagram page and her now-shut lifestyle website, The Tig. And these old posts shed a fascinating light on our latest royal. In her Instagram, Miss Markle shows her support for Hillary Clinton, screenshots of conversations with her father, and trendy bedtime reading. She also shares a mantra or two - including 'Strong women intimidate boys and excite men'. In other images she shows off shampoo from the hair brand Oribe, make up from Dior and dozens of other beauty products.

Prince Harry's friends urged him to 'get on' with proposing to American girlfriend Meghan Markle or risk her getting cold feet about joining the British Royal Family, according to Tom Bradby.

The dramatic moment a heroic man rescues an elderly woman from her submerged car and carries her to safety through rising floodwaters

A heroic man has been filmed carrying an elderly woman from a submerged car before carrying her to safety through floodwaters. Heavy rain has lashed parts of Brisbane on Wednesday, flooding roads and triggering weather warnings. Video footage has emerged showing a man dragging an elderly woman from her car after it was caught up in the floods. The white Mitsubishi is almost submerged in the floodwaters, putting the woman in serious danger. It's not until the man wrenches open the door of the car and pulls the woman out that she is saved from harm. The man, wearing a high-visibility jacket, puts the elderly woman on his back and piggybacks her to safety.

AC/DC's Malcolm Young's Sydney neighbours talk

AC/DC rocker Malcolm Young, pictured inset, didn't bring the chaos that comes with rock and role home with him - in fact he lived a quiet life, let neighbours swim in his pool and belted out new music from his attic-based studio. As Young's family prepared to say goodbye to the world-famous rhythm guitarist his neighbours in Balmain, Sydney, looked back at memories of having the rock god next door.

Is this the most cringeworthy real estate listing ever? Agent posts awkward video of him playing ukulele while singing Oasis's Wonderwall in a bid to sell home

Selling houses over the Christmas period might be tricky for some real estate agents, but this Canberra agent decided a little creativity might be all it requires to shift that house. Ben Lewis from LJ Hooker created his very own music video complete with a ukulele and remix of Oasis's 'Wonderwall, in the hope of attracting potential buyers to?the property in Ngunnawal.

After conceiving her first son easily at the age of 24, Gabbi Armstrong never expected to face any challenges come the second time around. But the mother suffered six miscarriages.

Is this proof Don Burke's behaviour was the worst-kept secret in TV? Matty John's parody video portrays star gardener as rude and obnoxious

Footage of rugby league commentator Matty Johns impersonating Don Burke (left) has resurfaced after the television presenter was accused of sexually harassment and bullying by female colleagues. The Rugby League Videos Facebook page recently posted three skits depicting Mr Johns as gardening guru 'Don Kirk' (right), which premiered on The Matty Johns Show on Channel 7 in 2010. In the skits, 'Don Kirk' is seen chucking tantrums and being rude to his camera crew. In one of the parodies, 'Don Kirk' calls?Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston a 'c***' and repeatedly swears at a cameraman.

Emily Skye says she put on 21kg since stopping her workout

She's the stunning fitness star who has been flaunting her blossoming baby bump on social media.? And heavily pregnant Emily Skye, from the Gold Coast, has spoken candidly about her weight gain after she was unable to maintain her strict fitness regime two months ago. Taking to Instagram, the 32-year-old social media star, who is 37 weeks pregnant, revealed she was forced to stop exercising due to her crippling back pain.

Kelly Gale didn't got runway ready with boxing and Pilates

The 22-year-old model (pictured left, right and inset), who has walked the VS runway four times now, revealed that this was the first year she didn't use a trainer before the show. Instead, she relied on a different - and surprising - form of exercise - which really gave her results.

Stephanie Skinner, 22, was forced to smuggle her tampons and period pain medication into Spilt Milk music festival on Saturday after security told her the sanitary products were banned.

Moment a dog investigates a noise giant kangaroo

A dog stirred by a noise outside got a huge surprise when he went to investigate and was greeted by a giant kangaroo. In a photo shared to Reddit, a dog is seen at a stand off with a kangaroo which is standing tall on its two back legs.? 'The name of the dog is Hudson and he’s okay, but it’s its lucky there was no water nearby the Roo could have dragged him into,' the uploader wrote.?


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Belle Gibson's ACTING teacher: 'I've created a monster'

As Belle Gibson struggled through her interview with 60 Minutes - trying to justify why she faked cancer - one viewer thought she looked 'weirdly familiar'. The truth quickly set in for entertainer Jonathan Duffy, now 31, who joked: 'Oh my god, I've created a monster!' In Brisbane in the mid-to-late 2000s, Mr Duffy had taught a young Gibson at acting camps. And now she had been exposed for the biggest performance of her life - a years-long effort where she pretended she was dying from terminal brain tumours.

Surveyors acting for the British Royal Household have identified more than 100 fire safety hazards at the 16th-century palace where Beatrice lives WRITES SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

Michael Joe Adkins has avoided jail time and instead was given probation and 50 years of supervision for impregnating an 11-year-old girl at his West Virginia home in 2011.

Jasmine Yarbrough checks on her new store

Her Mara & Mine shoe line is getting more and more popular thanks to its huge celebrity following.? And now Karl Stefanovic's girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough and her business partner are about to open their very own flagship store. The 33-year-old was seen overseeing the finishing touches to the store in Paddington on Tuesday.

The company opened its first local warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South earlier this year and last week, began an order-taking trial.

McDonald's Australia has launched a new Big Mac to the family - the Big Mac BLT, combining the iconic burger with a classic Aussie favourite.

Criminals with America's most shocking face tattoos

Bizarre looking mugshots taken of suspects with rather questionable tattoos capture some of more ludicrous criminals that police departments have had to process. From badly sketched tattoos to extremely rude slogans, some these suspects are not the type you'd want to bump into in an alleyway on a dark night.

Mum creates spectacular 'art studio' party for daughter

A crafty mother with an eye for art organised an incredible kids' birthday party for her three-year-old daughter which turned her into a mini-Picasso for the day. Kara Hollai, a mother-of-two from Sydney's northwest, wanted to give her young daughter, Amalia, (pictured left) a birthday bash to remember which would capture the interest of her preschool friends. After weeks of planning Kara put together a spectacular celebration complete with a doughnut wall, DIY cupcakes, an elaborate arts-and-crafts table and an edible paint palette cake.

When social media bragging goes wrong

To many social media has become an everyday tool people use to share - or exaggerate - the best aspects of their lives. But the internet is also prime territory to embarrass themselves. Hilarious pictures capture the moment liars get outed online - from dishonest DJs to bumbling businessmen - these images show there's always someone waiting to topple a carefully built pack of lies.

The annual office Christmas party is a great time of year to let your hair down and have fun. But if you're strategic, there's a chance you could use the yearly shindig to your advantage.

Six North Korea ships, some containing living sailors while others filled with bodies and skeletons, have washed up on Japan's shores since the start of November and nobody is sure why.

Arias 2017: Worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet

As celebrities take their fashion statements to the red carpet at the ARIA Awards, many dazzled in glamorous ensembles to pull out all the stops to ensure their looks were on-trend. But sadly for some of the musicians, reality stars and social media personalities, they didn't win the best-dressed category as they made their way to the glittering awards ceremony at The Star in Sydney?on Tuesday. From mismatched outfits to see-through gowns, FEMAIL spotlights the most daring, bizarre and notable sartorial disasters after some failed to hit the high notes when it came to fashion (pictured from left to right: Jessica Mauboy, Imogen Anthony, Olympia Valance, and 'Prince' Christian Wilkins with Andrew Kelly)

FEMAIL reveals the spa treatment Victoria's Secret models booked to slim down fast ahead of the brand's annual fashion show, which airs Tuesday, November 28.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo analysed nine 'Yeti' specimens - including bone, tooth, skin, hair and faecal samples - collected in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau.

Chef loses 12 kilos in just 14 weeks with Varlah program

Kristiina Kuett, of Melbourne, bought a scale after she couldn't fit into her summer shorts. It was then she realised how much weight she gained and decided to make a change. Kristiina (left and right) began working out six days a week from home. She also cut out refined sugars, gluten, and lactose from her diet and piled on the veggies. Kristiina said she is happier than ever before and now actually looks forward to wearing a swimsuit.

Buster underwent emergency surgery after being hit by a 4WD in Perth on Tuesday morning, but could still lose a paw.

The $80 i.Con Smart Condom is a ring-shaped device that uses a nano-chip and other sensors to measure several variables, including girth and duration of a session. It can also detect STIs.

Italian man 'kept woman in sex dungeon for a decade'

Aloisio Giordano (inset), 52, was arrested in Calabria at the weekend after police say they discovered a 29-year-old Romanian woman chained up in a squalid basement (left and right) along with two children. The woman told officers she had been trapped there for a decade - chained to a metal pole while Giordano beat, tortured and raped her. During that time she was forced to give birth to two children, a now nine-year-old boy and three-year-old girl, who were subsequently made to watch and even join in the abuse. Shockingly Giordano was jailed for the same crime once before in 1995, but was only sentenced to five years in jail and released early for good behaviour.

The video-sharing site has overtaken terrestrial television as the main source of children’s entertainment in Britain, but it is leading youngsters down some very dark paths.

People around the world offered up iced cakes and cookies as they tried to apologise for their very naughty behaviour. One man vomited in his friend's home, while another wet the bed.

Yulia Agranovych, from Russia, discovered that husband Nazar Grynko was having an affair after the view from her bedroom appeared in a picture taken by Vlada Abramovich.

Bluebottle jellyfish with tentacles five metres long NSW

A bluebottle jellyfish with tentacles stretching over five metres long has been found by a beach goer. Nicoli Hutchinson was walking along the beach in Bonny Hills, New South Wales, Australia, with her husband, Bryce, when they noticed the blue bottle jellyfish washed up on the sand in October this year. The couple, who could not believe their eyes, said they were the longest jellyfish tentacles they had ever seen.

An entire house has been mysteriously dumped on a vacant block after it was cleared to make way for a retail centre in Auckland.

Port Phillip Prison, a maximum-security facility in Victoria, has been placed in lockdown and staff have been evacuated after a huge fire ripped through the facility early on Wednesday morning.

Inside model Megan Gale's very lavish Fiji villa

She's enjoying a luxury holiday in Fiji this week, with her young family. And Megan Gale shared a series of envy-inducing snaps from her lavish beachfront villa at the exclusive Vomo Island resort on Tuesday. The 42-year-old model put on a busty display in revealing white swimwear, nine weeks after giving birth to her second child as she posed for a poolside selfie.


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Terrified woman flees flytipping 'travellers' as they leap onto her car and demand her dashcam

Wendy Gordon was driving down a quiet country lane when she came across three men blocking the road with their van. Her footage, uploaded to YouTube under the name 'Travellers caught dumping a fridge!', shows an ironing board sitting on the side of the road and two of the men carrying a fridge out of the back of a van. She starts beeping and one of the men walks over to her car as she stops. Footage shows one of the other men looking through her windscreen and spotting her dashcam. The first man then says: 'It's fine, what's that? Is that a camera? Give me your camera!' and Ms Gordon beeps. She then reverses at speed but the second man jumps on to her bonnet and holds on to it. It is not clear where the video was filmed but it is thought to be in Britain.

Wearing braces would once have left these individuals filled with horror. But this online gallery of images from around the world reveals they now all have smiles to be proud of

The incredible race was set up by Formula E, and took place on a landing strip in a remote part of the Western Cape of the southern tip of Africa.

Researchers from the UK and Brazil, found dogs' mouth-licking may be linked to their perception of human emotions, acting as a way for them to communicate in response to visual cues of anger.

The clip - which was recorded in 1988 - shows the child unwrapping the gift before crying out in joy. The youngster was so delighted that he even offered to give his father money for the present.

You CAN see me! The heartwarming moment WWE star John Cena makes surprise visit to a Sydney primary school leaving some overjoyed students in TEARS

He recently opened up about being bullied as a school kid, due to his scrawny appearance. And John Cena gave a group of primary school students plenty to smile about on Wednesday during a surprise visit to Nicholson St Public School in Sydney's Balmain. In a heartwarming video shared by Fitzy and Wippa on Facebook, the WWE wrestler surprised unsuspecting students, who were reading a book based on his new movie?Ferdinand, when the Hollywood star casually entered their classroom.



The Go Pro footage that really IS out of this world: Astronaut posts view from space as he ventures outside the ISS

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik has revealed a stunning look at Earth from 250 miles above the surface. The Expedition 53 Commander tweeted breathtaking footage this week from a recent spacewalk on the International Space Station, marking the fifth of his career and the third for NASA Flight Engineer Joe Acaba. The Go-Pro video shows a first-hand look at our planet as seen from orbit, as the pair worked to install new cameras and fix a robotic arm during the Oct 20 outing.

New research from experts at the University of Leicester suggests that the first landing of Julius Caesar’s fleet in Britain took place in 54BC at Pegwell Bay on the Isle of Thanet, Kent.

CCTV footage captured the moment a hapless thief plummeted through the ceiling of a supermarket in Straubing, in the German state of Bavaria. Police are probing the raid.

The incredible moment a chameleon gives birth to 26 adorable fingernail-sized babies on her breeder's hand

A chameleon breeder in Knysna, South Africa has shared an incredible video showing the moment a?female chameleon gave birth to her tiny babies on his hand. The tiny lizards, which just a centimetre long, can be seen calmly crawling down Aldo Kleyn's palm just seconds after their mother has given birth. These Knysna Dwarf chameleon babies form part of a giant litter of 26 lizards – with their mum taking a grand total of just one hour and 13 minutes to pop them all out.




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